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Holding Mom
"I'm home!" Kenny Roberts yelled throwing his duffle bag full of football gear on the floor, wondering where his Mom was. Most days she'd hear him coming up the drive and meet him at the door. He knew it wasn't normal for a son to be greeted at the door by your mother, but she was a total babe.

She was tall, maybe five feet nine inches. Her jet-black hair was always kept pinned to the back of her head, giving an even more refined and high-class look to her, not that she needed it. Her pretty, dark brown eyes drove him insane each time she looked at him. He could only imagine how great they'd look as she was being made love too.

And, last but not least, she had a body that was out of this world and he lived to hug her as much as possible. Mom worked three, sometimes four times a week and it showed. Her firm C cup breasts looked so inviting as they stood so proud over her flat and very toned stomach. Her slender hips, long legs and great little ass reviled that of a girl half her age.

He ran up the stairs and towards her room. He gave a quick knock on the door and walked straight in. "Holy shit!" was all he could say as she filled his eyes. "You look fucking great!" he added looking down her breasts and the very small, lacy black bra covering them, hoping that it would pop open. "What's up?" he asked as his eyes continued going down her stomach to her sexy hips, enjoying the small black panties on them and to the sheer black stockings on her long legs.

"Your father called and told me to meet him at Rachael's for dinner," she smiled, praying this was the night she'd been waiting for. She hadn't made love with her husband in over four years and truthfully, she at her wits end. It was sad when your eighteen-year-old son gave you more pleasure with a kiss, smile and the best hugs she'd ever felt in her life, than her husband did in twenty years of marriage. "Do you like what you see?" she asked with a very big smile, enjoying his young, lustful eyes roaming over every inch of her forty year old body.

He managed to pull his eyes off her hips and smiled. "Oh yes!" he smiled slowly walking towards her. "In fact," he rubbed his chin and looked straight to her already excited pussy, feeling his cock filling with blood. "I wish I was the one going out with you," he added moving against her body. "I missed my hug at the door," he whispered wrapping his big arms around her and felt her two quickly hugging him just as tight.

She felt like melting in his arms, but he was her son. He drove her crazy with all his smiles, telling her how great she looked, even if she'd just woken up. And his warm, loving hugs could make her orgasm with little effort. 'Why did you have to be my son?' she thought feeling his stiffened erection pressing right against her lonely mound of woman flesh. "I was busy getting dressed," she said putting out her lower lip. "I'm sorry. Will you ever forgive me?" she teased feeling his big hands sliding down her back and over her ass. Somewhere in the trance of looking into his eyes and before she knew what was going, he was caressing her excited flesh and slowly dry humping her. Her head was spinning out of control and it felt so wonderful knowing that her son was this excited and it was all because of her. "We have to stop and I need to finish dressing," she whispered as his long, hard cock tormented her lonely pussy to the point of exploding. "Please, baby," she begged hoping that he'd find the strength to stop, because there was no way she could.

He held her so tight as his stiff cock rubbed right on her warm, moist pussy and he'd never wanted anything or anyone this badly in his life. "Stay home with me," he begged looking into her dark eyes, praying she would. "Come on. He doesn't deserve you," he said feeling tears in his eyes thinking of all the times his Dad, her husband had broken her heart with false promises and the nights of never coming home.

"Oh baby, please! We can't do this, it's so wrong," she said panting for air, pulling away from him, seeing a horrible look cover his handsome face. "If I've ever done anything that you took wrong, I'm so sorry," she added feeling tears of hurt in her eyes. She ran into the bathroom, fell to her knees and hoped their love for each other wasn't lost. She loved Kenny so much, but she wasn't sure that she wanted it to go that far. "I love you baby," she whispered as tears ran from her eyes and down her beautiful face, wishing that he'd kick open the door and just take her. She knew he was right about her husband he wasn't worth a damn.


Later that night, Kenny staggered into the house. "What a fucked up day," he laughed thinking of his Mom turning down his advances and his date just an hour ago. "I couldn't get laid in a whorehouse today!" he laughed, walking to the kitchen for a six-pack of beer from the fridge. "I'm getting a shower, drinking this," he smiled hugging the beer to his thick chest. "And, I'm going to jerk off," he added, thinking of his beautiful Mom and how much he wanted her.

He made he way up stairs, took his shower a wrapped a towel around his waist and went to his room. "Where in the fuck is the beer?" he laughed looking around, trying to remember where he'd sat it down. "I bet it's in the hallway," he laughed walking out to get and he heard a strange sound. "What in the fuck is that?" he said to himself trying to figure where the sound was coming from and that's when he realized it was someone crying. He walked towards his Mom's room and that's when it hit him. "Mom!" he said rushing into her room, seeing her dress off and her lying in the middle of her bed, curled into a ball. "Are you ok?" he asked jumping on the bed and quickly moved behind her.

"It's your Dad," she sobbed enjoying Kenny's warm body against hers and his big, strong arms wrapped around her. "He wanted me to go out with him so," she cried, thinking of the man she'd given twenty years of her life to. "So..." she cried, pushing her hips back to Kenny, praying he could ease some of the horrible pain and hurt running through her body. "He's leaving me for that whore he hired over the summer," she cried, wishing Kenny would mount her and give her the love she'd been without so long.

"Fuck him." Kenny said wishing he'd get a chance to kick his ass. "You don't need him," he whispered caressing her smooth, flat stomach and something came to mind. His lost his towel and his extremely hard cock was pressed deep into his sexy Mom's ass. He moved closer, pressing it closer to her.

She was lost in her sons' loving touch and their love was about to make a drastic chance. She slowly lifted her right leg and couldn't help but moan out as his long, thick cock moved to her lonely, mound of flesh.

"I'll take care of you," he whispered, feeling her right leg slowly lift up, letting him move against the very place that he'd came from eighteen years ago. He hugged her tighter, enjoying her warmth and wetness against his throbbing cock. "You're never going to be lonely again," he whispered in her ear and leaned to the tender flesh of her neck.

She moaned as her handsome son kissed and sucked her neck and from the way that he was sucking her, she knew he was marking her as his. He moved his hips back and forth against her excited pussy as he continued sucking her neck. "Oh Kenny! Love me, make me yours," she begged in a soft voice and she heard a little rip and knew it was her panties. "Take me just like this," she whispered feeling him reaching between her legs. "I want you to love me and suck my neck all you want."

Kenny tore the tiny panties from her hips, reached to guide his cock to her and he hoped that this wasn't a dream. "I'll do anything you want," he said feeling her wetness and this was it. He was about to love the woman who gave him life and raised him to be the most loving son in the world. "I can't believe this is happening," he whispered giving her one last hug as his mother.

"I know, but I'm ready. I need you so badly!" she moaned as his cock head found her tiny opening. His arms held her and she reached back to hug him. "My baby boy," she whispered and he took her. "Oh yes!" she cried out as his long, thick cock drove deep into her body. "Oh Kenny! Oh baby boy!" she squealed feeling as if her tiny, lonely pussy had been torn in two, but the pain quickly turned into the most wonderful feeling she'd ever known.

She locked around his cock, her muscles squeezed so hard it hurt, but it was a good pain. "I love you so much!" he moaned hugging her to his body and his dream finally came true. He was inside his beautiful Mom and was only seconds away from making passionate love to her. He held her close and when she was relaxed, he began moving back and forth. "I'm making love to you," he whispered enjoying soft moaning coming from her. "I'm making it with my sexy Mom," he whispered again as her hips back to him.

"Oh yes!" she cried pushing back. "Go baby! Do me hard. Help me make up for all the years of being so lonely," she whimpered, hoping he'd do her as fast as he could. She needed his love too, but right now, she just needed a good, hard fucking.

He pulled from her, turned her on her back and moved on her. "Now I can do it right," he smiled looking down to her eyes and just as he imagined, they looked so great. He slid back inside her, leaned to give her a long, slow kiss as his hips moved back and forth. "I'm fucking my Mom," he smiled kissing her deep as his long, hard cock moved faster. "I'm fucking my sexy Mom," he whispered kissing her deeper as his hips moved faster.

She was in heaven as he kissed her with more love than she could have ever thought possible and his cock was deep in her body. Her sons' long, hard cock was in her body, but now he was so much more than her son. Now, he was her lover. "Yes!" she moaned into his mouth as they kissed. His cock moved in and out of her body so fast and it felt so wonderful to be loved, even if he was her baby boy. "Yes, my baby," she moaned louder. "Fuck me! Make me cum," she begged looking to see nothing but happiness on his handsome face. "Fuck your mother!" she cried spreading her legs as wide as she could and she knew he was close.

Her words drove him crazy and all he wanted to do was to please her. "Yes Mommy," he moaned moving as fast as he could. He looked into her eyes as they kissed and he knew it wasn't going to be much longer until her came. "Where should I cum?" he asked pumping her pussy as fast as he ever moved in his life. He felt her legs wrap around him and a big smile fill her beautiful face and he knew.

"Cum in me! Pump me full of your hot cum!" she growled at him as her hips lifted to welcome his hard shaft as it rammed into her body. "I need to feel a hard cock filling me with cum," she moaned, holding him with her arms and legs. "Kenny," she whispered to him and knew that her next words would make her young lover explode. "Cum in me. Cum in your Mom's pussy," she whispered lifting her legs in the air and spread them wide. She saw his face go blank and it felt like a hose squirting up her. "Oh my God! Yes! Oh yes!" she screamed louder than she had ever done in her life. His cum was filling her pussy and it felt so good.

Kenny moved as fast as he could and when she said, "Cum in your Mom's pussy," he lost it. Cum shot from his cock harder than at any other time in Kenny's life. "Oh Mom!" he moaned pumping her pussy as fast as he could. "I'm cuming in you," he said looking into the most beautiful eyes he'd ever seen in his life. "I'm cuming in my Mom," he whispered leaning down to kiss her.

"You better get used to it, because I need to make up for twenty years of doing without," she smiled, having a good idea that her handsome, young son was going to give her all the love she could handle and then some.
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