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Sex with my best friend`s mom
I`m 21 and have been friends with Ryan since early high school. All through high school everyone always joked about how hot Ryan's mom was. She was in her early 40s, about 5'6, and in great shape. (she was a runner) All 4 years of high school I was best friends with Ryan and spent almost every week at his house. His mom was always extremely nice and friendly, but never gave off any vibe that she would do anything wrong (they were a church going family). We were close enough where we would talk anytime we were together, but it was never anything inappropriate.
Fast Forward to 3 years after high school. In those 3 years I was going to college 2 hours away, so I only saw her maybe 10 times in that time span and they were all very brief hellos. Ryan and I were still really good friends and we planned to meet up and go on a trip over spring break. Me and 2 other friends went to pick him up at his parents house. We got there, and while he was loading up I had a brief catch up with his mom. Again, nothing unusual. Just the expected, "oh, we've missed seeing you around, etc. etc.". So we pack up and head out to camp for a few days.
SO, the last day of our camping trip it started to rain. The tent belonged to ryan and he didn't want to roll it up in the rain, so we just bundled it up and threw it in the trunk. It was still raining when I was driving each of my friends home, and when I dropped off Ryan he said since it was raining he would just pick up the tent later.
2 days later he calls and said he is already headed back to college, so I could just drop it off at his parents on my way out of town. When I got to their house his mom Karol was the only one home. She welcomed me in and saw that the tent was unfolded so asked if I would help her fold it in the back yard. As we folded the tent we caught up and chatted the whole time. The first sign I should've picked up on was when she asked if I had a girlfriend. When I said no, she asked if I was seeing anyone. Again no. That did kind of make me feel awkward. After the tent was put up, the knees of my pants were soaked with mud and grass since it had rained the day before. She said "come in real quick and i'll give you some of ryan's old shorts." So we go in, take off my wet shoes, follow her to the laundry room which was by her room. She handed me some shorts and said I could use the master bathroom. So she brought me in her room and pointed out the bathroom. She said, "You can change in there, I'm going to go put the tent in the attic."
So I shut the double doors to the bathroom, changed, and not but 40 seconds later opened the door to find her sitting on the edge of the bed with nothing but her bra and thong on. We both just looked at each other until I said, "Wow, you're beautiful." Waiting for her to do something I just stood and stared. She said, "Look, I fell in love with you as soon as you became a man. I know you are a lot younger than me, but I think you are great and want to be with you."
This is not her, but her body honestly looks EXACTLY like this (just not as muscular in the stomach):
[Image: 13466111_autmwf55m9nr.jpg][Image: 13466112_p7ohz74z063j.jpg]
By this time I was getting hard and she could tell from my shorts. I said that I have always thought she was beautiful and all, but couldn't do that to her husband. She stood up, walked over to me and said that she and her husband have not been "together" for about 3 years now. They had just agreed to not separate until after their last kid moved out, and the husband had seen other people in that time. At this point I was shocked for multiple reasons. So after a little bit of awkwardness she said, "So . . . will you be with me?" At this point I decided to go for it. I had imagined fucking her so many times before, i couldnt resist.
I started kissing her and she quickly leaned into my body. We both started grabbing and making out very hard as we stumbled to the bed. I got on top and we continued grinding. She started undressing me until I just had my boxer briefs on and a hard bulge. She said she wanted me to role over, and when I did she got between my legs and pulled my boxers off. She didn't touch my dick and just smiled and straddled my stomach. She took off her bra and put my hands on her breasts. They were small, but perfect. As I squeezed her tits she reached back and massaged my balls. She then slid down and started sucking me slowly with her butt high in the air. I lasted maybe 2 minutes before I came. My cum landed on my stomach and ran down her hand. She smiled, got up, tossed me a kleenex, and walked into her bathroom. I cleaned up and pulled up my boxers, got out of bed, and went to put my shorts on when she came back in still wearing nothing but a thong. She looked at me and said, "oh, I was just going to get the lube" as she held it up. I kinda chuckled and said oh okay, and got back in bed.
She set the bottle on the night stand and dropped her thong. I said, "oh, I don't have a condom." and she just replyed with " theres a reason I haven't had a kid in 16 years. lol" She laid back on the bed and put her legs up. I got between them and started licking her pussy. After about 8 min of that she was really in the mood and was way more turned on than before. She grabbed my hair and pulled my head up and just said, "Fuck me".
I put a ton of lube on her pussy and put her legs on my shoulders and began slowly fucking her. It started very passionately with us just staring at each other. Then it was like a switch flipped. She pulled my head down to her neck and wrapped her legs around me so tight that I could not pull out of her. I instinctively started fucking her much harder. I said I was about to cum again and she told me to stop and pull out. I did and was able to calm down again as she put me on my back. She stood right over me in the bed and looked down and smiled. She squatted down, grabbed my dick, and slid it in. As she straddled me I could tell she knew exactly what she was doing as was approaching orgasm. Knowing that made me want to bust, but I closed my eyes and tried to hold out. She started humping me really fast and I couldn't hold it anymore. I started to orgasm. I tried to pull out, but she just kept grinding me saying, " I'm almost there, I'm almost there." I was having the most intense orgasm and could do nothing but grab onto her body as tight as I could. After about 1 more min of her grinding me, her body started shaking and she had an orgasm that looked really intense. She slid off my cock and cuddled next to me for a few minutes. We said nothing but wow, that was great, oh my god, etc.
She got up and went to clean up. I got up and got dressed as well. She came back in wearing track shorts and a tank top. We kissed again and I said, " I want to be with you."
She replied, "we can, but it just has to be kept hush. I think the age difference would bother people."
I agreed and we said we would text about it, and I left. I've been back at college almost a week now and we have texted everyday. She said I could take her out on dates, but in public we would have to make it obvious that she was just a friend and nothing more.
Thank you to anyone who read all of this, and any advice on how I should play this would be appreciated. I definitely want to take her out next time i'm back, but i dont know how to make it appear as if we arent together. ha.
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