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My Last Summer Vacation With Mom
I just wanted to say thanks for all the stories that people have wrote or posted. I decided I would write one myself…..

I guess you can call me the average male teenager with raging hormones and frequent sexual daydreams. I also was shy and never had sex. I kept that part to myself just like most guys in my teen years. I lied about my sexual endeavors when questioned or pretended like it was no none else’s business.

It was mid-July and my life was getting ready to change. I just graduated and would be heading to university in a little over a month. I decided I wanted to relax for the rest of the summer so I quit my part time job at the local burger joint in town. I spent most of my days and evenings hanging out with my friends drinking a few beers if we could get our hands on them. If my friends weren't around I spent time relaxing around the house, shooting hoops, hanging out watching TV, and listening to music.

My dad was always gone during the summer time with his seasonal job up north and my older sister was already in her second year at university. She was taking summer classes to try to get ahead of the game. That left just me and my mother sharing the house for the summer.

My mother was in her early forties at the time and about 5"4'/162 cm and probably weighed 115lbs soaking wet. She had long jet black hair past her shoulders and had that hour glass shape that every man fantasies about. Her eyes were a deep pale blue and her skin was fair and looked to be smooth as silk.

My mother was very attractive to say the least and if I had friends over I would catch them staring at her while she did the most mundane things walking, or bending over to pick something up or if she leaned over their gazes went down her shirt. It kind of pissed me off most of the time when I was younger but by now I have become accustomed to the attention she received when men were around.

I woke up around 11am to the glaring sun trying to break through my blinds. I looked at my phone and Josh my best friend had texted me "I’m heading to the basketball court."

I got dressed without showering and started to head out the door. My mom was in the living room dusting. She was in her pink silk robe that she wore around the house most summer days. I darted passed her and she said "Where are you going in such a hurry?"

"I am going to play some basketball with Josh."

"Are you going to stay out late?"

"Probably tell sunset but I should be home for dinner."

"Ok, have fun see you later and be careful."

"I will mom see you in a bit."

"I love you and wear some sunscreen it’s supposed to be a heat wave today."

I said "I love you too mom" as I shut the door behind me.

I got into my car and drove to the courts. As I arrived to the basketball courts I could see they were empty. Maybe I was early or maybe Josh went somewhere else to play today. I replied to Josh's message. "Where are you?" I decided to go ahead and get out and shoot around.

After about an hour later in the scorching sun I decided to take my shirt off. After throwing my shirt in my car I get a reply from Josh " change of plans with girlfriend, sorry buddy."

I kept shooting around until the heat got the best of me and sweat was pouring from me. With the sun beating down on me I squinted down and looked at my cellphone it was 3pm. I decided I had enough of playing hoops. So I headed home to get out of these clothes and cool off.

I pulled up the driveway and headed to the back door leading into the kitchen. As I opened the backdoor I could see mom standing in front of the refrigerator with both doors wide open. It took me off guard and I stood there and watched her. She had her silk robe untied and she was sucking on a ice cube. She hadn’t noticed me yet and I stood there as the melting ice dripped off the ice cube hitting her cleavage. It look like she had she just got out of the shower and she really didn’t take any time to dry off. The robe wasn’t soaked but it was wet enough to be almost transparent. The outline of her body got the best of me and I felt a jump in my shorts. I watched her lips engulf the ice cube and at that very moment I realized what had captivated my friends’ sexual imagination. Mom was getting ready to close the refrigerator doors when she saw me. Her eyes went wide, her head jumped back, and she blurted out “ohhhh, you scared the crap out of me. I didn’t think you would be home tell later this evening”
“Sorry mom, Josh bailed on me and you were right it’s burning up outside today.”

“Well don’t get too comfortable son because it’s not any better in here. It seems the central air stopped working.” At that very moment my mom realized that she was showing her son all of her and she quickly tied up her robe and crossed her arms in front of her body.

I don’t think she realized how much I could see even if the robe was tied up. I gazed up and down her body with my eyes. I could see the outline of her areolas and what appeared to be a dark strip of hair right above the intersection of her legs.

“Damn, maybe I should take a look at it or call a repairman.”

Mom rolled her eyes and said “I already did. He rushed over to look at it and said he had to order a part.”

“How long is that going to take?”

“He said he was going to have it overnighted and as soon as the part arrives he will come fix it. Then after he left I couldn’t stand it anymore it was like a sauna in here. I had to take a cold shower but that still didn’t help so I was hoping the fridge could cool me down.”

“That sounds like a great idea. I think I’m going to go take a cold shower myself.” I was hoping that would also help this raging boner I had and hoping that mom hadn’t noticed it trying to rip through my mesh shorts. 

I went to the bathroom and as I shut the door I couldn’t help but feel a sensation come over me. My mom had given me a hard on and I felt so wrong about the thoughts running through my mind. I shook my head as I jumped in the shower. I twisted the knob to make sure the water was freezing cold when it spurted from the shower head. Soon the cold water had washed off the sweat and helped my cock go soft. I got out of the shower about thirty minutes later feeling refreshed as I started to dry off I could feel the heat from my shoulders and face. I looked at my shoulder and could see the redness. Shit I thought mom is going to give me a hard time about this. I wrapped the towel around me and headed to my bedroom.

I quickly got dressed and I heard a knock on my door and I heard mom say “Son, it’s too hot to cook in the kitchen so I ordered pizza. The pizza man just dropped it off so hurry up and come eat.”

I opened the door and walked with mom to the dinner table. We had a normal mother and son talk. We talked about my future and then out of the blue she started talking about women. She said “Maybe when you get to college you will try not to be so shy and meet some girls.”

I looked at her and said “Shy, You think I’m shy?”

“You only had one girlfriend in school and I know you weren’t an outcast with all the friends you brought over. So when you go to college I want you to make more of an effort to talk to girls. You’re a great catch son you just have to be confident.”

I started to blush and I looked down at the pizza in my plate and said “Thanks mom, to be honest though I never know what to talk about with girls.”

“Son, women love to talk all you really need to do is ask questions and listen.”

My mom could tell I was embarrassed and decided to cut the conversation short. She stood up and grabbed her empty dish and headed to the sink. She could tell she had embarrassed me and as she walked by me she stopped. She went to put a hand on my shoulder. I tensed up a bit and she said “I guess you forgot to put some suntan lotion on. “

Great I thought, first she tells me I have no self-esteem with women and now I am going to get a lecture on protecting my skin. “I did forget but it doesn’t seem so bad. I am just hoping it doesn’t peel.”

Motherly instincts must have kicked in and she said “Lift up your shirt so I can see”

I reached around my back and slowly lifted up and my shirt. I could feel her hand softly touch it and she said “wow, your back is burning up we’re going to have to put something on that honey. Come with me to my bedroom and we will put some aloe vera on it.”

I got up and followed mom to the bedroom. We entered the bedroom and she pointed to the bed. “take your shirt off and laydown. I will grab the aloe from the bathroom.”

I did as instructed and removed my shirt. I lay down on my stomach with my head to the side propped on a pillow. I heard the door open and a few seconds later I felt my mother sit on the edge of the bed next to me. I then could hear the bottle open and heard it as she squeezed some into her hands. “Just relax honey."

I felt her hands soaked in aloe make contact with my back. She slowly moved her hands in circles softly and up and down my back. My mind started to wonder to earlier in the day and seeing my mom almost naked in front of me. I could see her sucking on the ice cube and my cock started to grow stiff underneath me.

She continued to work the aloe into my back and shoulders. I then heard her squeezing some more aloe on her hands and she started working on my calves. Her hands slid up and down my calves and she slowly started to rub higher and higher her hands were wrapped around my right leg and she worked her way up I could feel her hands slide up my inner thigh only inches away from my rock hard cock.

I then felt her fingertips on the other side of my thigh as she repeated the pattern of sliding up and down. My mom finally broke the silence “I didn’t think you would be shy considering you dated Jenny for all of those years. I figured she would have stroked your ego a little bit if you know what I mean.”

I can’t believe she just said that I thought to myself. “I don’t know if it’s something I want to talk about with you mom. No offense.”

“I can understand that son but I am just trying to help and maybe give you a few pointers.”

“Well if you really want to know. Jenny wasn’t like that. She said she was saving herself for marriage. So when she decided to go to school halfway across the country we decided to break up. I felt like I was behind the curve compared to everyone else. All of my friends have had sex and the few dates that I did go on after her didn’t materialize because I wasn’t sure what to do.”

“Son what you need is some experience just to dive in head first. Rollover and let me get your front side.“

I did as instructed but slowly. I was hoping by the time I got rolled over that my cock would not be protruding from my shorts. It was no luck I finally got situated on my back and as I looked down I could see the erection my mom had created. I am not sure if she noticed but she acted like she didn’t. She then lathered up her hands with aloe and started rubbing my chest. Her hands slowly rubbing my pecks and her hands trailed down to my abs. She then switched the subject from my sex life to her own sex life. “You know with your dad gone half a year I have my own sexual needs that never seem to get satisfied.”

I didn’t know what to say so I just laid there listening to her.

“I don’t know if it’s my hormones are going crazy or I’m hitting my sexual peak but sometimes I need to get satisfied myself. Don’t get me wrong I have never cheated on your father but a woman has needs just as much as a man does. I am aching for some real human contact.”

I finally said something “Are you thinking of sleeping around on dad?”

Her hands were still working on my abs and I could see her staring and my bulging cock.

“To be honest, yes I have thought about it from time to time but more recently it has occupied my mind. Don’t get me wrong it’s a turn on when I know a guy is looking at me in a sexual way but it’s not like I want to act on it. You know that look son. It was the look you were giving me earlier this afternoon when I was in front of the fridge. “

I laid in silence not knowing what to say. She knew that I had a hard on when I saw her in front of the fridge and she was calling me out. There was a moment of silence. I think she wanted me to say something but I had no clue how to respond or even talk to her about my sexual cravings that had started to develop with her.

She broke the silence and said “And I shouldn’t be telling you this but your father and I were talking last night and I told him I was sexually frustrated. We both decided that when we are away from each other we could do whatever it takes to satisfy our sexual needs.” At that point I felt her hands grab the side of my shorts.
“Mom what are you doing?”

“Taking care of my sexual needs and teaching you a few things.” She slides down my shorts and throws them off the bed. I lay there in my underwear. I looked into her deep blue eyes and felt her hands start tugging on my boxer briefs. My cock sprung out of my boxer briefs and is standing straight up right in front of my mother’s face.
‘mmmmm, that’s a nice hard cock you got for me son. “

She wraps her hand around my cock and slowly and softly tugs on my cock. She licks the tip of my cock and then looks at me.

“Son, after I saw this bulging hard on earlier today my mind started to wonder and after I ordered pizza I came in here. I lay on my bed and I started to play with my pussy. Thinking about how big my son has grown and thinking about your cock inside of me. I played with my pussy until I heard the pizza man at the door. That’s when I knew I was going to fuck you tonight.”

My mom started stroking my cock faster and with more pressure as she continued staring into my eyes with a devious look. She bit the bottom of her lip and said “Would it be ok if I kissed your big hard cock with my wet warm mouth?”

“Yes mom.”

My mother let her lips slide down the shaft of my cock as she moaned. She continued to look at me as she continued to bob her head up and down on my cock. I could feel one of her hands starting to rub my balls as she looked up at me. With her other hand she found my hand lying to the side of me. She took it and placed it on top of her head. My hand pushed down helping her get every inch of my cock down her throat.

I could already feel a load building up in my balls and she must have sensed it as well. She stopped and said “mmmm, If I keep going like that for too much longer you’re not going to get to any of mommy’s wet pussy tonight.”

She stood up and untied her robe. She put her arms to the side as the robe slowly moved down her body and dropped to the floor. She stood there letting me take in her beauty. Her breasts were bigger than I imagined earlier. They were about 34c and sagged very little for a woman in her forties. Her nipples were a strawberry pink shade. Her nipples were erect and were about the size of the end of a pencil eraser. My eyes slowly moved down her stomach and then to that strip of hair right above her pussy. She moved her hands up and down her body. She took in my body as I took in hers. She squeezed her breasts and then started playing with her hard nipples. Her hands moved back down to her waist. She then spread her feet apart and started rubbing her clit. My mother let out a little moan and said “You don’t know how wet you have made my pussy today.”

She climbed back on the bed and straddled me positioning her pussy right above my cock. I watched as she grabbed my cock. She took the tip of it and started to rub it up and down her pussy.

“Feel that wet pussy son. This summer this is your pussy.” My cock throbbed in mom’s hand and she continued to pleasure herself with the head of my cock. I watched as she lowered herself down and I watched my cock enter inside of her. I let out a huge moan as I felt the first pussy ever wrapped around my cock. My mom slowly started to bounce up and down my cock. I reached up and squeezed her breasts as she started to bounce faster. She looked down at me and said “sucks mommies’ titties.”

I did as I was told and started sucking on her nipples. My mom started to bounce harder and faster on my cock and I thought I was going to erupt at any second.

“Oh god son, I haven’t felt a cock this hard in years.”

I watched her head thrust back as she yelled out “Oh fuck son, I am going to cum all over your cock.”
Her hands clinched my chest as she yelled out “I’m cummmming, oh god I’m cummming on my sons cock” She moaned and her body shook for a couple of minutes and I felt her cum all over my cock. she leaned down and started kissing me she then whispered in my ear “Thank you son, now that I fucked you I want you to learn how to fuck me.”

She climbed off of me and lay next to me on her side. She started kissing me slowly sliding her tongue inside of my mouth searching for my tongue. Her hands were stroking my cock as I ran my fingers through her jet black hair. I knew what she wanted. I climbed on top of her and she spread her legs apart inviting me back inside of her. Her drenched pussy swallowed my cock as I felt her legs wrap around my waist. I looked down into her eyes as I started fucking my mom again. I squeezed her tits in my hands as I fucked her pussy at a medium pace. She looked up at me and said “fuck me faster son, I want you to feed my pussy that huge load you’ve been holding back all day.”

I began to fuck her harder and faster as we both moan in pleasure. The bed began to creek and squeak as I pumped with more intensity.

I grabbed her wrists and pinned them above her head.

“that’s it son take your mom’s pussy..”

I continued to fuck her harder as I felt my mom’s wet juices rolling down my balls.

“oh god mom, I am going to cum.”

“Cum inside me son, fill me up with that seed.”

My mom took her fingers and wrapped them around the base of my cock as I continued to fuck her. The huge load of cum had moved from my balls and was at the tip of my cock getting ready to explode. I felt my mom’s hand squeezing hard at the base of my cock.

”Oh fuck yes son give me every drop of that cum.”

My legs started to shake and my knees weakened as my cock released my load of cum like a rocket. I leaned down and started to kiss my mom as my cock started to g limp inside of her. She ran her fingers through my hair and said “I hope now that you got that out of the way you can start to be more confident and don’t worry mom isn’t through with you yet. We still have one month before you have to leave.”
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