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Mom Can't Hold It
"God damn it!" Mom cursed aloud.

"Whoa, Mom. Language." I teased. I couldn't care less if she cursed, but she would never let me get away with it. "What's wrong?"

"Oh, nothing really. I just drove past the last rest stop before the hotel and I need to use the ladies room."

Mom and I were on our annual trip to see my aunt. Mom has always been close to her sister, so we'd visit each year for at least a few days. We lived a good ways apart, but flying every time would be too expensive so we would usually drive, taking major highways all the way there. Because the trip was long, we did it in two sections, staying the night in a hotel to rest up, and finishing in the morning.

This year, we went on an extended weekend during school. A few holidays and a professional day lined up to give me Friday, Monday and Tuesday off. Unfortunately, that meant Dad couldn't join us since he had to work. He had a demanding job, and he couldn't get the time off. On the bright side, his big paychecks meant Mom didn't have to work, so she was free to go.

I was happy to be out on the road and away from home for awhile. I'd just gone through a rather unpleasant breakup and this trip was the perfect way to take my mind off it. To me nothing was quite as relaxing as watching the world zip by at 75. The trip also gave me plenty of private time with Mom. No one could help me through a problem like she could. She always knew the right thing to say, the perfect advice to give or when I just needed a hug and a reassuring word.

"You gonna make it?" I asked. "We could get off at the next exit."

"No, I'll be fine. Besides, the next exit is ours anyway. It's less than an hour now so...oh shit," Mom trailed off as the traffic slowed to a crawl.

"Shit!" I loudly agreed. Nothing was worse than being stuck in traffic.

"Andrew Michael Connery, watch your mouth," Mom quickly scolded.

"But you just...," I went to argue but Mom cut me off with a wink and a laugh.

"I'm just bustin' your balls. Relax."

I pulled out my phone and checked the traffic report. There had been an accident just past our exit. Thankfully no one was hurt, but a semi-truck trailer had tipped, blocking two lanes. It had happened a while ago and was being cleaned up, but it looked like we'd be in traffic until our exit.

We tried to keep the conversation flowing; trying to amuse ourselves as the cars plodded along. We were moving at a painful 20 mph, less than a third of the speed limit that we'd been breaking. After an hour of the dismal crawl, conversation between us began to die. I could have spilling my guts about my girl troubles, but it just didn't feel like the right time. Mom seemed distracted and began to squirm in her seat.

"You okay over there?" I inquired.

"My back teeth are floating," Mom answered in a flustered voice.

"You're what with the what now?" I replied, confused, unfamiliar with her expression.

"I have to pee," She groaned. "Real bad."

"Maybe we should just pull of to the side," I suggested

"No way we're getting over." She was right. We were in the middle lane, flanked by a pair of semi-trucks on either side. "And even if we did, people are driving in the breakdown lane and there's nowhere else to go." She was right again. This section of highway had tall walls lining it. "I'm a big girl. I'll just have to hold it."

I considered suggesting we stop the car, but traffic was moving just fast enough to make that incredibly dangerous.

Another half hour, and Mom was squirming bad. She fidgeted continuously and kept grabbing her crotch. With each movement she let out a little moan of discomfort or sigh of desperation. Mom was about ready to burst, and she had nowhere to go.

This was a scene I'd witnessed countless times. Of course, all those other times hadn't been live and in person. All the other times the desperate woman with a full bladder hadn't been my Mom, either.

When I had turned 18 and started watching porn (which I totally never did before I turned 1[Image: icon_cool.gif], I stumbled onto a site that was dedicated to the wonderful act of watersports. I was hooked immediately. Nothing got me so hard as watching a beautiful woman display the most private and vulnerable act of peeing. Unfortunately, I had never met a woman willing to show me that beautiful display in person.

I'm embarrassed to admit it, but Mom's predicament was having a profound effect on me. My body and subconscious mind did not seem to care that the woman I was sitting next to was same woman who gave birth to me. All they saw was a gorgeous, mature female, about to wet her pants.

Despite my conscious mind protesting over and over "She is your mother!" I couldn't help myself. My palms were sweating, my throat was dry, and my cock was hard. I couldn't take my eyes off of Mom's writhing body, soft and round in all the right places. On top she was wearing nothing but a loose t-shirt, no bra underneath, and her constant movement made her soft breasts jiggle invitingly. Covering her bottom was an old pair of faded blue jeans, the perfect fabric to display a wet spot should her bladder control fail.

I hoped, between driving and holding back the impending flood, that Mom wouldn't notice my staring or my aroused state. I'd gone commando under a loose pair of shorts, trying to maximize comfort on the long trip. This was biting me now, as the loose fabric did next to nothing to hide my steel hard erection. I pulled my knees up to hide my hard on as best I could, but a keen observer could still see it.

Ten minutes later and Mom was reaching critical mass. The constant squirming had stopped, but she dedicated her left hand to grabbing her crotch full time. Her moans had gotten louder, and moved on from discomfort to outright pain. My own heart was beating excitedly against my ribs. There was no way she was going to make it. I was about to see a real woman piss.

"I can't! I can't!" Mom moaned. "Andy, I'm sorry, I can't, oh god no!"

Finally, she broke and the flood gates burst open. Thankfully, she pulled her hand away to grip the steering wheel with all her might, leaving her crotch in full view. Mom's urine began to flood her pants, an unmistakable dark patch appearing between her legs. She was gushing, and the wet spot spread rapidly, darkening more and more of the soft blue fabric. Mom couldn't help but let out a groan of ecstatic relief as her painfully full bladder emptied itself.

Without thinking, my hand went to my cock, and I started rubbing myself through the fabric of my shorts. I didn't care if Mom saw. I needed to touch myself. The unwilling display she was giving me was too much to handle.

Mom just kept pissing and pissing. Her flow seemed to be endless. Soon her pants were completely saturated with the warm liquid, but it just kept coming. Tiny beads of clear liquid forced their way through the fabric, running down and soaking the seat below. The car's small cabin was filled with the acrid aroma of piss, and I lovingly inhaled the sent.

After what felt like a record long piss, Mom's flow began to taper off. The overflowing liquid forcing its way through her pants stopped as the pressure from Mom petered out. The dark spot's rapid expansion slowed and finally stopped. Mom let out one final grunt of satisfaction, her body thrilled to be rid of backed up urine.

When I realized Mom was finishing up and her senses retuning to her, I quickly looked away and pulled my hand off my dick. I felt a pang of guilt for watching her, and a nagging fear that she'd seen me fondling myself.

There was a long silence between us until I worked up the courage to look back at Mom. She was looking straight ahead, intently watching the road. Her face was beet red.

"You okay, Mom?" I asked gently.

"I just peed myself," Mom's voice was dreamlike, not talking to me, simply musing at what had happened. She gave her head a brief shake and broke the trance she was in. "Yeah, I'm fine. Just a little wet and super embarrassed. I'm so sorry you had to see that. I can't believe I wet my pants."

"It's okay Mom," I tried to sound reassuring and not excited. "These things happen. It wasn't your fault."

"It was completely my fault. I drank to much coffee, missed the rest stop, and couldn't hold it, but thanks. I hope you don't think I'm gross."

"No way. Pee is mostly just water and salt, anyway. Plus, it's pretty sterile. Nothing gross about it, really."

"Thanks. You're a sweetheart, you know that? I can trust you to never tell anyone about this, right?"

"You have my word, Mom. What happens between us stays between us."

Mom looked over and flashed me a big smile. Her face was still blushed, but she looked genuinely alright. I breathed a sigh of relief. It seemed she hadn't noticed me ogling her or masturbating. This was turning out to be a great day.

Another ten minutes and we were off the highway. Mom had resumed squirming in her seat, now trying to get comfortable in her rapidly cooling, piss soaked pants. I offered to drive or stop to let her change, but Mom insisted we get to the hotel as soon as possible. She reminded me that she had soaked the seat and if I took over I'd be sitting in her pee. She said it like that was a bad thing.

In no time at all, we arrived at out hotel. It was a small motel style place with doors opening to the outside. It wasn't anything fancy, but we had stayed there before, and it was always clean and comfortable. It also had a nice sized swimming pool and hot tub outside, which was great for stretching out and relaxing after the long car ride.

When we pulled into the parking lot Mom asked, "Would you mind getting us checked in? I don't want anyone to see me given my...condition."

"No problem," I replied, already getting out of the car and heading into the office. At the desk was an older woman who gave me a friendly smile. Hopefully she didn't notice the lingering bulge in my pants as I approached the desk.

"Hi, I have a reservation under Samantha Connery."

"Okay," The receptionist replied. "I've got you right here. One night, one room, two queen beds. Sound correct?"

"Yep, that's us. However, could we get a room with one bed? There are less people in our party than we thought there would be." I could barley believe what I had just asked. The thought had crossed my mind after seeing mom pee. In my horny state, I had imagined how nice it would be to sleep next to my mom's soft, warm body, but I never really thought I'd do anything about it. The words had burst from my mouth like someone else had put them there, but I didn't regret saying them.

The receptionist clicked away at her keyboard for a brief moment. "You're in luck. I can transfer you to a room with one king bed and I can take 30 dollars off of your bill. How's that sound?"

"Perfect! Thank you." I finished checking in and headed back to the car.

"I've got a bit of bad news Mom," I said after she opened the car door. "There was a mix-up with our reservation. They gave us a room with one bed. On the bright side, they took 30 off the bill, so that's cool."

She groaned. "What else could go wrong today?" She paused and shook her head, thinking for a moment. "Alright, let me get changed and I'll talk to them, get this sorted out."

"Don't worry about it, Mom. Its been a long day, and it's just for one night. I don't mind sharing a bed."

"Oh," Mom perked up a bit at hearing that. "Okay then, no harm. I don't mind sharing either. I thought you wouldn't want to sleep with your old Mom. You mind bringing the bags in? I'm going to scurry into the room and grab a shower, if that's fine with you."

"Sure thing, leave it to me. The coast looks clear. You should get moving."

Mom gave me a loving smile before darting off. She sprinted to the room, hoping no one but me would she her sopping wet pants. For a long while, I paused at the car letting my thoughts rattle around. Mom was the first woman I had ever seen pee. Even though she had been unwilling, I had still seen it, and I couldn't stop thinking about it. There was something burning deep within me. Vague, strange, forbidden thoughts all swirling around my own mom.

Why had I changed the rooms? What was I hoping would happen? How far was I willing to take things? Those and a million more questions were boiling inside me. I smiled when I realized that all the answers were something utterly depraved, and I was going to do it.

Changing the room had just been one small step. It only took a moment to formulate the rest of my plan. It was simple and dangerous, but the payout would be worth the risk.

I rummaged through the trunk getting a few things ready, then grabbed our bags, just two small suitcases for the night, locked up the car and headed for the room. All the way, I followed a trail of tiny drop marks left where Mom's piss had fallen from her pants.

Mom was already in the shower when I got to the room. There was no reason why she would have, but I looked around hoping she had left her soiled pants outside the bathroom, but no such luck. I flopped down on the bed me and Mom would be sharing. My hand reached under the elastic of my shorts, and I idly fondled myself. I was too hard and horny not to touch myself, but I didn't want to cum just yet, so my strokes were slow and lazy.

The slow self massage lasted until the sound of the shower cut out. Not long after, Mom emerged from the bathroom looking refreshed and wearing nothing but a towel. My cock was as hidden as it was going to be. I had tucked it down as best I could, but the bulge was still rather visible. At this point, I didn't mind much if Mom caught a glimpse of my package.

Mom headed to her suitcase and started looking for her PJs, but they were nowhere to be found. When Mom headed for the room, I had taken a minute to move them to a larger suitcase that held the rest of Mom's clothing for the weekend at my aunt's house.

"Hmm, I could have sworn I packed my pajamas in here" Mom said with a frustrated sigh.

"Just put on your underwear. That's what I'm going to do."

"I could, but wouldn't that be a little awkward for you, seeing your Mom in her unmentionables?"

"Mom, I saw you piss yourself today. I don't think seeing your underwear is much worse." Even though her back was turned to me, I could practically feel her blush when I mentioned the incident.

"Anyway," I continued. "You done with the bathroom? I'm going to grab a shower myself."

"All yours."

I stepped into the bathroom, locked the door, stripped naked, and turned on the shower. My stomach was full of nervous butterflies. There was a small chance I was about to experience something wonderful, but I doubted my luck was that good. Mom's wet pants were hanging on the towel rack to dry. While I hoped she hadn't, in all likelihood she had rinsed them before hanging them, wasting the precious pee still in the fabric. When I reached out to grab the damp garment my hand was trembling.

I told myself there was no way Mom's piss was still there. It must just be water at this point, but I couldn't help but hope. Shakily, I pulled them off the rack and inched the pants closer to my face.

"It's just water, don't get your hopes up," I insisted to myself. The fabric touched my nose and I inhaled deeply. Immediately, I gasped in surprise. The heavenly, unmistakable odor of piss filled my nostrils and the smell sent a shiver a pleasure through my whole body. She hadn't rinsed them! I was holding my mom's pants, soaked in my mom's piss! This was officially the greatest day ever.

Over and over again, I huffed at the pants, each time feeling a fine mist fill my nose, bringing my mother's intoxicating sent with it. I could barely get enough of the smell. Each inhalation made me quiver all over, and my cock was painfully hard. When the lovely sent had completely saturated my nostrils I managed to stop smelling the sodden cloth, there was something better waiting for me.

I pushed the fabric down just a little, pressing it firmly against my lips. I sucked in, pulling a fine spray out of the pants and onto my tongue. The taste was even more amazing than the smell. I thought I might pass out from joy as it flooded my mouth, but I made it to the toilet and sat myself down.

I needed more! I pulled the pants away and held them above my face before wringing them as hard as I could. My efforts were rewarded with three big drops of piss. Two landed right in my mouth and were quickly swallowed down. The third struck my cheek, slowly running down my face, and dripping onto my chest.

As I let my stranglehold on the pants go something fell out of the leg, landing on the tile floor with a plop. It was a small pink bundle of wet cloth that didn't mean anything to me at first. However, after a moment of staring at the mysterious thing, it clicked. Mom's panties!

I couldn't scoop the underwear up fast enough, and soon they were also pressed against my face. The soft cotton gave up the trapped fluid more readily than the denim had. It filled my mouth and nose with even greater potency, and sent my eyes rolling to the back of my head. For an eternity I worked at those panties, hungrily, desperately trying to get every drop out of them. I fancied that I could even taste Mom's pussy juices mixed in with her piss, but that taste was so faint, and the taste of pee so strong that I couldn't be sure.

Sadly all great things must end, including this wonderful once in a life chance. After a while, all I was tasting was cotton and my own saliva. I pulled the panties away from my face, quickly replacing them with the still soaked jeans. I pressed my cock into the crotch of the underwear, touching my genitals to the exact same spot my mother's had been less than an hour ago.

I rubbed my dick furiously, pulling the soft, wet, pink cloth up and down my hard shaft. All the while, my mouth and nostrils where filled by the taste and smell of my mother. It was complete sensory overload. My body began to convulse in rapturous pleasure as my pent up orgasm crashed through me. Huge globs of cum burst from my piss hole, splashing into Mom's panties and joining the mix of bodily fluids they contained. All this stimulation was too much for my mind to handle. Everything went black. My brain shut down for a moment as overriding pleasure surged through it.

When the world came back it felt like a lifetime had flashed by, but it could only have been a few moments. My body felt weak and was still gently vibrating in post orgasmic bliss. All I wanted was to lay down and enjoy this feeling for hours, but I'd been in the bathroom a long time already, and I didn't want Mom getting too suspicious. I forced myself to stand and hop into the shower. I rinsed myself and Mom's underpants off, washing sticky cum from us both.

After quickly washing, I killed the water, dried off, and wrapped a towel around my waist. I intentionally grabbed one of the smaller towels. It barely reached around me and only hung down to mid thigh. When I bent over it rode up, and anyone looking, hopefully Mom, would get a nice view of my ass and dangling cock.

I stepped out of the bathroom with a satisfied sigh. "Ahhh, nothing better than a hot shower to relax crammed muscles. Except maybe a massage."

Mom was already tucked into our bed, sitting up with a book in hand. She looked over the top of her novel, looking like a sexy librarian with a pair of reading glasses perched on her nose, and gave me a skeptical look.

"You know they have bigger towels. Ones that cover better than a napkin."

"Yeah, I know, but I used it to dry off. I didn't want it dripping all over the place."
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