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Mom's Hot Videos (by Tad Overdon - 2001)
By Tad Overdon


Driving home from dropping her husband off at the airport, Pam Randolph tried to decide how to spend the two weeks before his return from Thailand. She had to find a way to tell him how frustrating their marriage had become -- sexually frustrating.

It had been some years since she'd found sex with Brian particularly interesting. He'd been her first fuck, and in the first year of their marriage they'd spent most of their free time with his prick buried in her cunt or sliding in and out of her hot mouth. But the kids had changed that.

Brian had never bothered with birth control, and Pam had been naive. By eighteen she was the mother of twins, Jeff and Tammy. Brian hadn't let her breast-feed, and little more than a year later she gave birth to Chuck. After that she'd insisted on birth control -- and Brian had quickly lost interest in anything more than an occasional, cursory missionary fuck. That had been sixteen long years ago, and now at the age of thirty-four and still gorgeous Pam had had enough.

Like mother, like daughter, Pam supposed. Her mom had given birth to twins also -- Pam and her sister Tabitha -- at sixteen. On a sudden whim, Pam turned off the highway onto the road leading to her parents' house. Mom would know what to do.

The front door was locked, and there was no answer to her ringing the doorbell despite the fact that both cars were in the driveway. Concerned, Pam used her emergency key to let herself in and was about to call out for her parents when a sound from the upstairs bedroom caught her attention. A moan! Anxiously and quietly, Pam tip-toed up the stairs. Something's wrong, she thought, although the moan and those that drifted to her, louder as she approached, didn't sound painful or frightened. There was another, then...

"Uggh, God, give me more!" It was Pam's mother's voice -- the sultry groan of a woman getting fucked!

Curiosity drew Pam to the bedroom doorway, which was open just a crack. She'd never really imagined her parents fucking, though of course they must. How any man could stay away from her mother was beyond her -- although now fifty, Sheila Corbett had the narrow waist, full hips and huge high breasts of a woman half her age. Her constant fitness routine gave her a firm, muscled body most woman half her age would kill for. Pam smiled naughtily to herself, and had to admit that she could resist peeping on her parents.

Quietly, she pushed the door open a little wider and got the shock of her life. Pam's mom was on her knees on the bed, her lush red lips tightly ovalled around her husband's prick -- and a tight fit it was. Pam couldn't see the length of her dad's cock, of course, but the base was huge. She licked her lips in spite of herself as she watched Sheila reach up between his legs to tickle his goose-egg-sized balls. Her father's head was thrown back, a leering grimace curling his lips.

Pam's eyes widened on the scene -- and saw that her parents weren't alone. Her mother's pussy wasn't neglected while she feasted on her husband's mammoth meat. Pistoning into Pam's mother's tight cunt was the prick of Tabitha's oldest son Mark!

Mark's left hand rested on his grandmother's upper thigh, while he reached around with his right to stroke her clit. Sheila's mouth loosened its hold on her husband's prick for a moment and she glanced back at Mark. She smiled with obscene pleasure. "Keep feeding Grandma's cunt good and slow," she instructed. "You know, as many pricks as I've had up there, your monster always takes a little getting used to... ah, that's the way. Another two inches, am I right?"

"Damn, Gran, you must have the most sensitive pussy in the world," Mark chuckled. "And the most talented. There's only one other woman I know who can take my whole length and like it."

"Looove it," Pam's mom corrected. "There's nothing I love better than getting double-fucked, and your twelve-incher was made for me."

Pam saw that it was true. She guessed her father's stiff cock was easily ten inches long, but when Mark slowly drew his back out of his grandmother's pussy until just the head remained, Pam caught sight of the biggest piece of manmeat she'd ever seen.

She gasped audibly, and three heads swung toward the bedroom door. Three sets of eyes fell right on Pam. She was caught peeping on the incestuous scene! 


What happened next was even more shocking. None of the trio seemed at all embarrassed. Mark just smiled, locking eyes with Pam as he slowed down his thrusts, withdrawing until just the head of his huge cock was left in his grandmother's pussy. Sheila glanced over her shoulder at Pam and let go of her husband's prick for a moment. She grinned openly, her mouth wide. "If it isn't my darling, innocent daugher Pamela," she giggled. "Dropped by to see if the old folks are taking their medicine, Pammy?" she teased. She took hold of her Pam's father's saliva-soaked dick with one hand, jacking him slowly. "Well I sure am. And I'm about to get a double injection of my favorite protein shake."

"How can you joke about this?" Pam cried, incensed. "Cheating on your husband -- and with your own grandson! It's sick."

"Well, I wouldn't call it cheating," Sheila said matter-of-factly. "In fact it was Bill's idea -- the first time, which was quite a while ago. Excuse me a moment -- Mark, don't stop fucking me now." So saying< Mark began to hammer his cock back into Sheila's pussy with long, rapid-fire strokes. "Just relax and -- uggh, god -- enjoy, Pammy. And don't be a hypocrite."

"Hypocrite?" Pam exploded. "Mom, this is sick. How can you expect me...to...watch..." Despiter herself, Pam's attention was riveted on Mark as he rammed his cock balls-deep into Sheila's dripping cunt. Flexing his powerful young thighs and shifting his knees further apart on the bed, he forced Sheila's legs so far apart that she collapsed onto her stomach, moaning with delight. Pam's father just knelt in front of her, jacking his big hard-on and whipping it back and forth across Sheila's lips as she tried vainly to recapture it.

"Yes, hypocrite!" she hissed. "Pam, if this is so disgusting, why is your pussy creaming like crazy?"

Pam's hand flew to the crotch of her cut-off jeans, realizing in shock that it was true! Her pussy-cream had leaked through her thin white paniies and totally soaked the thick denim of her shorts. She dropped her head and blushed with shame.

"Hey, don't be so hard on the girl," her father spoke at last. He finally permitted Sheila to close her lips around his cock again started sliding it slowly down her throat. "We've talked about this happening for some time now, Sheila. Don't you think it's about time that we initiated her into the family secret? Think of the possibilities."

"Yeah, Mom, think of it." The sound of Tabitha's voice came behind Pam's head and a moment later two soft feminine hands reached around her, sliding into her thin blouse, under her bra. Palms closed around Pamela's big tits. Pam whirled in fear and astonishment, to look into the face of her sister Tabitha. Tabitha was also naked! Her huge double-D knockers pressed into Pam's as she briefly hugged her sister hello, but her hands never let go of Pam's titflesh. Tabitha's delicately manicured fingers pulled on Pam's fat, full nipples, teasing them out at least an inch.

Pamela opened her mouth to protest and Tabitha took advantage of it, pulling her sister close and kissing her deeply. Tabitha stared lustfully into Pam's eyes as her tongue took possession of her sister's mouth. Pam's head was aswirl. I can't be enjoying this, she told herself. It was wrong to be so turned on by her sister's knowing caresses, just as it was wrong to be horny from watching her own mother taking grandson-cock up her cunt while she deep-throated her husband in full view of the whole family!

But Pam couldn't bring herself to physically resist. Triumphant, Tabitha shoved her naked thigh between her sister's. Pam felt smooth wetness against her inner thigh, and glanced down to see that Tabitha's cunt was shaved bare except for a tiny tuft of blonde hair just above her clit. "Uhm, don't!" Pam groaned into her sister's mouth but her tongue snaked out to lick Tabitha's. Tab's wet pussy felt so good, grinding on Pam's bare flesh just inches from her own dripping cunt.

"Go, Mom," a masculine voice boomed. "Play with those titties." It was Jason, Tabitha's other son, standing a few feet from his mother with a hard-on nearly the size of Mark's. Jason strolled over and stood behind Pam. His big hands unzipped the fly of her cut-offs and rolled the snug shorts down over her upper thighs to drop in a heap around her ankles. Freedom, Pam thought in spite of herself. She lifted first one leg and then the other, kicking her shorts and panties away. She rubbed her naked cunt desperately against her sister's silky thigh as Tabitha stripped off Pam's blouse and bra.

Naked now, Pam threw her arms around Tabitha, grabbing her sister's tight little ass-cheeks. She felt Jason's big cock as the drooling tip slid slowly up the crease of her ass. She loved it! God damn, she loved being mashed between her hot sister and naked hung nephew while they played with her naked tits and ass and cunt!

"Oh god I'm cumminnggg!" Pam's mother shrieked. "Fuck me, grandson! Keep pounding my pussy with your big didk! Bill, Bill -- ugh, oh oh oh Jesus Bill shoot your seed down my throat!"

"Nope," Pam's father smirked. Pam saw him pull his hard-on out of her mother's gasping mouth as Sheila cried out in the throes of a massive orgasm. Mark's balls tightened as he kept fucking Sheila hard.

"Here it comes, gran! I'm cumming! Hot damn, take it, girl!" Mark shouted. He slammed against Sheila's wide-spread ass-cheeks, supporting himself on his elbows as he humped up and down against her. "That's it, milk it! Oh damn, suck the cum out of my cock with that wonderful pussy. Yes! Yes!"

Finally Mark and Sheila collapsed, breathless. Pam was nearly breathless herself as she watched them slowly untangle from one another. Mark withdrew his still-hard cock from Sheila's cunt with an audible "pop". "Wanna swallow cum," Sheila whispered, taking Mark's dick in her mouth and licking around the head. "That's it, yeah. Yum. Your mean old granddad didn't give me his load."

"Savin' it for somone else," Bill Corbett said, sitting on the edge of the bed. As if on cue Jason and Tabitha released Pam. God, she was so hot! "You've had quite a shock, today, Pammy. Come have a nice father-daughter chat while you calm down." Pam walked slowly toward him, glancing down at his great hard prick as she approached. She sat down next to him where he patted the edge of the bed.

"You know we'd never do anything you didn't us want to," her father said, sliding one knee under Pam's ass. He grabbed her calf and pulled one of her legs across his lap. Her pussy was nakedly displayed to her entire horny family! "You know we had the whole house wired for video two years ago?" Pam glanced toward the ceiling where he pointed to a video camera that was running, its red light blinking.

"Jason and I were watching you guys from the guest bedroom while you fucked," Tabitha said, dropping to her knees in front of Pam. Pam gave her a shocked look. "Yeah, I was fucking Jason," Tabitha said with a lewd smile. "I love watching hot action while one of my boys buries his bone in my pussy. I cum in bucket-loads. Yeah, I was lying on my side, my leg draped over Jason's while he fucked me from behind, when I saw you come up the hall and start peeping on Mom and Dad and Mark on the monitor." Tabitha gently scraped one fingernail against Pam's clit and Pam's brain exploded with lust.

"We watched you trying to get Brian to fuck in the guest-room the last time you stayed here," her father said. He took one of her hands and guided it to the head of his cock. To her own shock Pam found herself touching it, fascinated. She trailed her fingers through the string of pre-cum that leaked from her father's massive hard-on, and rubbed it into the silky, hot underside of his dick.

"You... watched us?" Pam's incredulity and shame fought against more insistant feelings of lust. She couldn't want to fuck her own father -- it was unthinkable!

"That's right," her mother said, wrapping her fingers tightly around her grandson's cock and smoothly jacking him. "Honestly, honey, I felt terrible for you. It's a crime for a hot, pretty hole like yours to go wanting cock, especially when there's a hard, ever-ready supply of family fuckmeat to give you what you want." Sheila ran her tongue up the underside of Mark's cock. "What you need," she whispered throatily, lathing the golf-ball-sized head with spit.

"This...this is too much for me to handle," Pam protested. "Tabitha, how can you be so sinful--"

"Oh grow up, Pam!" Tabitha snapped. "Look at the cocks on my boys! I'm a horny woman, and I'm honest. I crave fucking all the time, and my sons' dicks fit in my cunt just like any woman's." She lowered her face to Pam's wet slit and breathed gently on it. Pam shivered with lust. "The sin would be for me to live in a house with two such hung studs and not get every bit of sucking and fucking I can!" Tabitha looked up and met Pam's eyes. "Excuse me a minute, Dad," she said, never looking away from Pam. "I'm going to have some fun with my sister's pretty little pussy now." So saying she licked Pam's cunt from botton to top, her agile tongue expertly parting the folds and stabbing for a moment deep into Pam's fuckhole before dragging up to her clitoris. Tabitha drew the hard bud of Pam's clit between her lips and bit it gently.

"Ugh-agh!" Pam totally lost control. She was almost cumming -- she had to cum! She had to cum right now in her sister's sucking mouth!

But as quickly as Tabitha had attacked Pam's pussy, she removed her mouth leaving her sister frustrated on the verge of orgasm. "Such a pretty pussy." She blew hot air gently across Pam's open pussy lips. Pam shuddered and thrust out her hips in deliecious agony. "Look, Dad, see how open she is. Her red bush is so lovely and wet with pussy-cream. Here, feel it." Tabitha took her father's hand and guided his fingers to Pam's cunt. Her father stroked along the fringe of Pam's pussy with his big index finger, then slipped it right inside her hole.

"Yes! Oh yes!" Pam shrieked, thrashing uncontrollably. Tabitha snickered. "I mean, no, don't do this --!"

Her body had betrayed her! Red-faced with shame she let her father take advantage of her horny contortions to slide under her. She was on his lap now, his monster cock thrusting up from between her own thighs, the upper surface just grazing her pussy-slit. She reached out to touch it again but pulled her hand back at the last moment, fighting the rising tide of lust that almost consumed her.

"Almost there," Tabitha said, "but still a little shy, Pammy? Maybe you'd like to play with another cock a little bit, get you in the mood, hmmm?" Tabitha waved Jason over to Pamlea. Pam's father scooted back a bit and Jason climbed onto the bed, crouching in front of Pam so that his steely cock bobbed just inches from her face.

Jason grinned winningly down at Pam. "Probably been a little while since you sucked a cock, huh Auntie?" He teased her, jerking his hips forward to just part her lips with his big cockhead and then pulled back. The salty taste of precum registered on Pam's tastebuds as she involuntarily flicked out her pink tongue to swipe the drops of sticky stuff off of her lips. So delicious! She was dizzy with the need to cum, cum now, but her family wouldn't let her. And she couldn't give in, not here surrounded by her own nakedly fuck-crazed family!

"Go ahead, play with my balls," Jason urged. "It's no so bad, Pam. Not like it's your father's dick -- or one of your sons. So maybe it's only a little bad, huh? Or maybe you'd like it better if this were Jeff's cock, or Chuck's." Jason snickered as he saw Pam's eyes widen with a sudden surge of fuck-need at the suggestion. "Bet that's it. Bet if this were Jeff's dick you'd take it down your throat in a second."

"Stop it!" Pamela shrieked. She grabbed Jason's hips and pulled him toward her, opening her lips and sucking his bulbous cockhead into her mouth. She wrapped her tongue around it, dragging him further into her mouth.

Jason worked his hips in circles, stroking Pam's long red hair as his cock sank inch by inch further into her throat. He was right, she realized. It had been years since Brian had let her throat his dick, and her husband's cock was a meager thing compared to Jason's.

Pam couldn't deny herself any more. Mewling with the pleasure of it she fought not to gag as she sucked Jason deeper into her willing throat. Finally her nose bumped up against his hard belly. The fine blond hair around the base of his cock tickled her lips.

"Atta girl!" Pam flushed with unexpected pride as her father cheered her on. "Now, fuck the boy with your mouth." With her face impaled on Jason's cock Pamela couldn't turn her head to look around, but imagination fired her lust as her other nephew Mark groaned loudly. The wet slurping sounds of Sheila's expert blow-job on her grandson spurred Pamela on to bob her head rapidly back and forth on Jason's massive fuckrod.

The long slab of flesh slithered out of Pamela's mouth and throat, inch after glorious inch and then back all the way down into her sucking maw. Jason swiveled his hips in time with her movements and soon was fucking her mouth like a pussy.

Pam loved it! Tabitha began kissing Pamela's inner thighs, wetly trailing her tongue up to lick her father's big balls, causing his stiff dick to pulse irresistably against Pamela's dripping pussy-lips. God she needed to be fucked so badly...

Suddenly Jason jerked his prick from between her lips and jumped off the bed. He grabbed his mother's shoulder and pulled her away from Pamela and her father. Pamela cried out in frustration. "Don't -- give me your cock, Jason. It's been so long...I need to...to suck cock --"

"Sorry, Aunt Pam," Jason said with a shrug of his shoulders. "House rules. I know Granddad would be pissed if I were the first to shoot my load in you." Jason lifted his mother up and licked first one of her nipples and then the other, his right hand playing with her shaved cunt. "Time to finish what we started downstairs," he said. "Hit the rug and spread your legs, Mom."

"Yes!" Tabitha cooed delightedly. She sank onto her ass on the thick pile bedroom carpet and rolled back, stretching her legs wide apart to expose the pink lips of her pussy to her younger son. "I'm wet and ready to pop -- fuck me hard, son!"

"You got it Mom." Pam looked on, unbearable fuck-need causing her to shake uncontrollably as Jason dropped to his knees and in a single stroke rammed his prick home up to the balls in his mother's hungry cunt!

"Aiieee!" Tabitha screamed. She pumped and rolled her hips beneath her son, taking all of his huge hammering prick. She locked her ankles around his back, her face a mask of unbridled ecstasy. "Harder! Pleas do it harder, baby. Momma needs a good cum so much. Fuck me! Fuck me!"

Pamela was in a lustful daze. Her father spread her cunt-lips with the fingers of one hand and slowly inserted two fingers of his other into her hole. Her cunt muscles sucked greedily on the fingers, needing much more. Nothing in the world seemed real now except her throbbing need for hard, hot cock, a need that had gone frustrated for far too long. She turned her head to look into her father's eyes. She heard herself say "Daddy, please fuck me now. Please, please --"

"You sure, Sugar?" Bill Corbett's eyes lit up with lewd pleasure as his daughter begged. "Don't you think it's a terrible sin, to want your own Dad's cock up your hungry pussy?" He absently stroked his thumb against Pamela's clit as he spoke.

"I don't care!" Pamela wailed, squirming her ass-checks violently against the wiry hair around her father's cock. "I have to come. I have to have your cock, Daddy. I'll fuck you so good if you'll only give it to me right now!" She struggled to get leverage against his big thighs, pushing up with her legs to drag her aching cunt into position to take her father's dick. She grabbed the giant cock with one hand, trying to guide it into her pussy. But her Dad's strong grabbed her around her chest, crushing her big soft tits against her ribs and easily holding her suspended half-an-inch above the leaking tip of his cock.

After what seemed like an eternity Bill Corbett lowered his daughter until just the big head of his dick parted her pussy-lips. Pam wept with desire, gyrating helplessly on the end of her father's cock.

"Come on, Dad, slip it to her!" Tabitha encouraged. Pam looked over to see her sister now squatting over Jason as he lay on his back on the rug. His hands steadied his mother's slender hips as she undulated her cunt back and forth, up and down on his pole. She played with her own clit as she locked eyes with Pamela. "Better to watch, this way," she laughed. "Look at her eyes, Jason! Your horny Aunt Pam is crazy for Granddad's cock!"

It was true! Pam's legs were thrown wildly to each side as her father eased her down onto the full length of his prick. She knew at that moment that she could never, would never fight the wonderful sensation of her father's cock plunging into her pussy. She looked down, excitedly watching her Dad's immense cock-lance boring into her.

"Wow, look at that," Mark exclaimed. Pamela twisted her head so she could barely see out of the corner of her eye as her nephew bucked his hips on the mattress and drove his cock up into Sheila Corbett's sucking mouth. "Gonna come, Grandma! Oh fuck, cumming now!"

Sheila didn't answer, her cheeks hollowing as she frantically sucked to get every drop of her grandson's seed. Mark's ass-muscles tensed and Pamela knew he was coming hard, pumping jizm down her Mom's gullet like a fire-hose. Then, abruptly, Pamela's pussy spasmed violently in the beginning of a massive orgasm of her own.

"Uhn, uhn, uhgg--god!" Pamela fucked frantically up and down on her Dad's cock. "Cum in me, Daddy! Fire away! Give me all your cum now!"

Her father's cock erupted inside her, spewing a geyser of hot spunk into her cunt-channel. It seared her pussy-walls, seeming to splash up into her belly as Pam rolled through another orgasm, and another. She was coming harder than she'd ever come in her life. She tossed her head from side to side, oblivious to everything except the overwhelming pleasure of coming as her Dad filled her full of his jizz.

Jason and Tabitha were still going at it, her hips a blur as she humped up and down the length of her son's cockshaft. "Gettin' there," she rasped breathlessly, squeezing her son's big balls. "Come for me, baby! Shoot your wad up your Mom's hot pussy while she comes!"

"Anything you say, Mom!" Jason bucked his hips up off of the rug, lifting his mother into the air as she screamed out her orgasm. Pam watched as Jason exploded into Tabitha's cunt.

Pamela began to twitch, the last of her orgasms rippling through her body. She collapsed, her father's cock still buried in her pussy, her muscles still greedily tugging on his prick-shaft. Her father rolled her gently off of him onto the bedsheet and sat back up. If Pamela had thought she could have no more shocks this afternoon, she discovered otherwise when she heard Bill Corbett say "Jesus. I hope we got that all on tape!" 


Pam lifted her head meekly and looked up at the video camera above the bed with its ever-blinking red eye. "Tape?" she murmured, then sat bolt upright, her eyes flying open in disbelief. "Tape? You mean you taped us fucking?"

Mark was standing by the VCR console, chuckling. "Course we did, Aunt Pam. We usually tape these family fuck sessions. Here, it's about rewound now." He punched the "play" button on the unit and sat back on the bed with his grandparents and aunt to watch the tv intently, along with everyone else, fisting his big dick as he did so. He's still half-hard, Pamela couldn't help noticing in awe. Then the bedroom blinked into life on the tv screen before her and Pam's eyes were riveted to the scene that played out there.

Pam watched, slack-jawed as the tape replayed the scene of her father fucking her. From the angle of the camera she could see how widely her dad's cock stretched her pussy. As the image of herself on the screen pumped wildly up and down on her father's prick, pleading for him to fuck her harder and faster, Pam became horny again. "I don't believe it," she murmured.

"Believe it," her mother said, scooting over to sit next to Pamela on the bed. She placed one arm around her daughter's shoulder, slipping the index finger of her other hand boldly into Pam's slit. "You see, you're already discovering just how stimulating watching can be. You're pretty wet."

Pam looked at her mother for a long moment, then back at the tv. She saw herself there as a wanton whore, clearly crazy for incestous cock. "Jeez," she muttered, blushing and looking shyly down at the rug. A wicked smile curled the edges of her mouth, though, as she said, "I'm such a slut."

"Of course you are," Tabitha said. She was crouched on the rug next to Pamela, frigging herself playfully as her gaze shifted back and forth between the hot action on screen and the sight of Sheila finger-fucking her daughter. "We're all sluts in this family, Pam, and it's about time you turned on to it."

"You're so lighthearted about it," Pam said.

"I'm lighthearted because I love to fuck, and I never feel guilty." Tabitha pulled Mark over to sit beside her on the floor and started stroking his rapidly hardening prick. "I mean, Pam, just look at the size of this fucker," she purred. "Having your pussy plugged by a cock like this is Heaven." "But, but it's wrong! Incest is immoral --" Pam protested.

"So what? Morality would keep me from enjoying the pure pussy-pounding pleasure of being ridden by a young stud like Mark, so I've no use for morality. Look, you notice how quickly he can get it up again?" Her voice dropped to a low, breathy note. "Teenage boys can get it up and come again and again with very little rest, you know -- I found that out when I taught high school. Just imagine, Pam, living with two young, hung studs who're eager to fuck you in the mouth, in your pussy or up the ass any time of the day or night." Pamela's mind flashed to her own two sons, and she blushed again. Tabitha seemed to be sensing her sister's thoughts as she stroked Mark's cock lovingly. "You know, sometimes I fuck Mark and Jason one after another -- they tag-team me for hours. As soon as one comes inside me, he pulls out and his brother takes his place. Right, fellas?"

Mark and Jason nodded their agreement, grinning. "See?" Tabitha continued. "A lot of the time, though, I take 'em on together. There are a hell of a lot of ways you can fuck two guys at once, Pam. You can have one up the ass and another hammering your pussy. Then, maybe one pulls out and moves around to feed juicy, wet cockmeat into your mouth while you both come like mad!"

"Enough!" Pam shouted. Something in her snapped, some last shred of reserve gave way as her head spun with the images of fucking that Tabitha created in her mind. Pam pulled away from her mother and dropped to her knees beside Tabitha and Mark. Mark's cock was the biggest, most beautiful prick she'd ever seen -- it reared up almost chest-high when fully erect as it was now. Pam licked the head avidly, swiping her tongue across the leaking piss-slit to get a taste of pre-cum. "I want to be a slut like you, Tabitha," she declared. "I've wasted enough time -- I want all the fucking and sucking I've been missing. Teach me, sis. Teach me everything about fucking and sucking and being a whore!"

Everyone laughed at Pam's outburst. "You've made a real good start already, seems to me," Pam's father said. "You fuck like a cock-hungry nympho already. And just look at you." He pointed at the continuing video-action on the tv. "With those big tits and long legs and hot little cunt, you're made for fucking."

Tabitha looked thoughtful for a moment. "Tell you what," she said brightly. "Let's you and me shower off, and talk about where to start. Mom, maybe you better get sucking on these three cocks -- touch 'em up good. I have a feeling that baby Pammy is gonna put them to good use tonight!"

The hot water from the shower in the master bath was soothing. "You know," Tabitha said, languidly soaping Pam's breasts, "really I just wanted to get you all to myself for a while." She eased her thigh between Pam's willingly-spread legs and massaged the stiff bud of her sister's clit. "If I'm gonna teach you to be a slut like me, there's a lot I want to show you about pussy-play."

"I can't wait," Pam hissed, hugging her sister so that their big tits mashed together. She thrust her tongue into Tabita's hot mouth, grinding her cunt against her sister's leg. When she finally broke the kiss, she looked straight into Tabitha's eyes. "I wanna fuck Mark next," she proclaimed. "His dick is gigantic, and I can't wait to take it."

Tabitha grinned lustfully. "That's the spirit. But Pam, we should talk about your sons too, you know."

"Uh, I don't know about that yet." Pam argued.

"Of course you do," Tabitha replied, finger-fucking her sister as she lathered Pam's red cunt-hair. "Your pussy just opens up and drips from thinking about it, honey."

"Well...I'll have to work out a plan," Pam conceded. "I'm not so sure about Chuck, but I'm pretty sure Jeff is a virgin. And Tammy certainly is."

"How delightful," Tabitha said. "I'll have to show you the tape of the night I took Jason and Mark's virginity. Believe me, when you suck off a virgin boy they scream and whimper like there's no tomorrow. It's a treat no woman should deny herself." She pushed Pam gently against the wall of the shower, where needles of water shot down onto her nipples, and dropped to her knees. "Here, push your hips out so I can eat your pussy properly."

Pam did as Tabitha asked. "God," she breathed as Tabitha's tongue sliced into her cunt. "Okay, I'll have time to be alone with Jeff tomorrow morning so I'll go for him first. But it might be better to get him to make the first move. Any ideas?"

"Maybe you should shave your pussy," Tabitha suggested, one finger grazing Pam's clit. "Not that it doesn't look delectable just as it is...bnt I've never met a man who didn't get rock-hard as soon as I flash my bare cunt."

"Is that why you do it?" Pam asked curiously, examining the nude lips of Tabitha's pussy closely. There was just a modest triangle of blonde fuzz pointing down to her pink clit, somehow more exciting than a completely bare twat would be.

"One reason," Tabitha said. "Another is that I'm a jizz junkie. Love it shooting onto my face, nips, and bare pussy lips. When a guy shoots off in me I like to lie there and dribble it onto my thighs, play with it, lick it off my fingers. That's another thing that turns any man on. Dad loves it, too -- says it reminds him of the first time he fucked me, when I was a virgin."

"Dad? Dad was your first --"

"Uh-huh. In fact, Mark is probably Dad's -- hard to tell, since after Ralph fucked me outside the Senior Prom I came home horny. I woke Dad up with a blow-job and he hammered his cock in and out of my little hole for hours. Came three times in my twat once on my face and tits." Tabitha sighed contentedly at the memory and went back to lapping away at Pam's quivering cunt. "When I got preggy, Ralph felt he had to do the Right Thing." Tabitha snickered. "If he only knew. Dad celebrated with me the night before my wedding by teaching me to ass-fuck, and his prick hasn't been outside my pussy longer than two days in all the years since. Why give up a stud like that just because you're married, you know?"

"Uh-ungh! Oh, oh, lick me there, right there, oh boy," Pam crooned. "God, listening to you talk about fucking gets me hot. Tell me more."

"Sure," Tabitha giggled lewdly. "Let's see...Jason is another story. I went right back to work, part-time, as a secretary at the high-school guidance office after Mark was born. There were, um, three boys on the football squad that I picked to keep me happy. You know, Dad's great and Ralph's so-so, but I needed a lot of fucking even in those days. Much as I love fucking family, I never turn down outside dick. Anyway, I think Jason was conceived during my first-ever gang-bang with these guys."

"Oh sweet Jesus I'm cummminng!" Pam ground her cunt down so hard that Tabitha's mouth was totally smothered by her juicy gash. Tab's tongue played back and forth in Pam's pussy as the horny red-head climaxed. Finally, Pam relaxed. "Thanks, Sis. God, that was awesome."

"Well thank you, Ma'am," Tabitha laughed. She licked her lips to get every drop of Pamela's pussy-cream. "But now, I believe you have a date with a twelve-inch boner."

Pamela laughed as well. The two horny sisters toweled each other off and danced out the bathroom door, ready to resume the family orgy.

Pam's parents and Tabitha's boys had moved downstairs to the big rec-room. Pam remembered when her Dad had redone the rec-room and had always been puzzled by the odd decor. Bearing in mind what she now knew of the rest of her family's favorite activities, it made much more sense.

The room was carpeted with deeply-padded, soft beige shag carpet, so that Pam's bare feet sank in half-way to her ankles with each step. A girl could spend a lot of time on her knees or back, here, without discomfort. There was a big granite fireplace. In one corner of the room was a built-in jacuzzi tub that could hold four or five people. Aside from an assortment of big soft velvet and suede throw-pillows scattered around the room, the sole piece of furniture was a twelve-foot long "sofa" upholstered in soft green leather. Pam's active imagination saw her family in many exciting combinations on that sofa.

Dominating the room at one end was a wall-sized television, with several other monitors strategically placed near the jacuzzi, fireplace and elsewhere. Pam understood. "I told you we had the whole house wired," Bill Corbett said, hugging Pamela close and lazily fingering her nipples. "There are three hidden cameras in here. Cost a fortune, but Hell, every man needs a hobby."

"Hobby, my ass!" Sheila Corbett laughed and walked over to greet Pam, leading her by both hands to where Mark waited standing by the jacuzzi. "Your father's 'hobby' is sinking his ten inches into willing pussy." Sheila gathered up some big pillows and arranged them on the floor in front of Pam. "Here, Pammy, get down on your knees here and rest your body forward on the pillows. I'll get you ready to take Mark's cock."

Pam glanced questioningly back at Tabitha. "But how did you know -- oh, were you all watching us in the bathroom? Isn't there any privacy anywhere in this house?"

Jason laughed. "None at all, Aunt Pam." He was seated on the edge of the sofa nearest Pam, naked. Even when soft his dick was long and gorgeous, and as he watched his grandmother positioning his naked aunt to take family cock his own dick stiffened rapidly.

Tabitha joined her mother. Together they placed Pam on the high pile of pillows with her hips and legs hanging off. Her knees, slightly bent, pushed into the deep carpet so she was in a half-kneeling, half-lying position facing the giant television at the other end of the room. Tabitha and Sheila each took an ankle and pulled Pam's legs as far apart as they would stretch, fully exposing her pussy. "Comfy?" her mother asked.

"Mmmm. Very," Pamela sighed. Before her, the big television flickered into life and she saw herself, magnified several times, as Mark would see her when he fucked her: open, powerless, a willing slut ready to take hard cock, any cock. "Oooo," she breathed, curling her red-painted toes into the shag carpet. She reached back between her legs and watched herself part her own pink pussy-lips with two fingers and begin gently, slowly, frigging herself with lascivious pleasure. "Mark?"

Pam's father was at some sort of video-editing console standing near one monitor. At the flick of a button the camera-angle on the big tv changed. Now Pam could see herself from above, and saw Mark step into camera and kneel behind her. "You think you're ready for this?" he taunted, one hand fisting what was an even more enormous-looking cock when seen on the big screen.

"Yes, yes, darling boy, I'm ready." Pam didn't want to be teased -- she wanted that dick in her snatch. She'd discovered, though, that she liked the way Tabitha talked about sex and decided to try to turn the tables on Mark, to get him so hot for her that he couldn't hold back. "On second thought, though, it is a very, very big cock you have there," she cooed. "Nothing that big has ever gone up my, um, hot little fuckhole. Maybe I need a little preparation, say, Mom's tongue up my cunt for a few minutes before you fuck me."

Tabitha laughed appreciatively, knowing just what her sister was up to. Mark let out a groan. "Would you like that, Mark? Would you like to watch while my Mom and your mom run their wet, warm tongues up and down my cuntlips, and nibble on my clit? I bet you'd like that a lot."

"Not now!" Mark shouted, and shoved the head of his dick right up to Pam's twat. She felt the enormous head nudge between the soft folds of her pussy, opening her wide for the assault. Pam moaned with obscene pleasure.

"Mark, could you do me a big, big favor?" Pam continued to tease her nephew. "Could you please fuck me really hard, and fast? I'll be ever so grateful if you'd do that, and I surely would repay you in any way I can. Perhaps you'd let me suck the cum out of your balls, or take your monster cock up my little asshole --"

"Damn!" Mark shouted, and shoved forward. In two thrusts, his cock was buried balls deep. He grimaced as her hot clinging pussy walls sucked at his prick shaft. He ground his nuts into her cunt lips and reamed the tight fuck hole with his cock shaft.

Pamela cried out with joy, then began moaning loudly as her passion soared. Even with the pillows beneath her she was having a hard time holding herself up. Her legs were like rubber. "Yes! Oh yes! What a magnificient fucker you are! Oh, my pussy's never been stretched like this before! God oh godgodgod!"

Her hot words spurred Mark on to new heights of lust. Pam saw that her father was working the video console rapidly now, moving from camera angle to angle so that she watched herself taking twelve inches of fat hard cock from every angle available. A wave of ecstasy ripped through her and she crested, screaming out her orgasm as her nephew drilled her relentlessly.

"Aieee!" she shrieked. "Aggh-ungh, fuck me, keep fucking me!" A second orgasm gripped her on the very heels of the first! She'd never felt anything like this. She'd never suspected that the size of a man's cock could make this much difference to her own pleasure.

"Mom, we may have trouble keeping up with Pam," Tabitha said. "Look at her coming! She may be a hotter whore for cock than either of us."

"Maybe," Sheila shrugged and pushed her blonde daughter onto her back on the sofa. She swung around so that her knees were on either side of Tabitha's head, the classic 69 position. "Let's try to stay in the game, though." She buried her face in her daughter's shaved pussy and began tongueing her furiously. Tabitha purred and spread her mom's cuntlips with one hand, stabbing her tongue into the pink hole.

Pam's hair, still damp from the shower, hung in strings across her face as she thrashed her head wildly and shoved her hips back to meet every long thrust of her nephew's horse-like dick. "Yes, yes, oooh god, ram me fuck me Mark I'm cumming again Aggh! Unh, unh, can't...stop...cumming. Don't stop..." She pushed her hair out of her eyes and looked up at the big tv. The camera angle showed Mark's fuckmeat slamming in and out of her pussy. She marveled at how her pussy-lips were distended, stretched tight around her nephew's dick. With every out-thrust the inner folds of her cunt rolled outward to be seen obscenely clinging to the massive blue-veined girth of Mark's glorious prick.

Another orgasm overwhelmed Pam. "Fuck me forever, Mark! Make me come forever. Fuck me, come for me baby!" Her nephew groaned as he continued to slam his cock in deep. He sank his nails into her soft ass and thrust his hips in all directions, spearing every part of her wet pussy. Then he pumped real deep and started grinding and twisting like a madman, fucking her in ways she'd never dreamed were possible. "You want me to come, Aunt Pam?" he teased. "You sure?"

She howled, bobbing her head wildly in assent. Pam was ready to blow again. Her fuck cream was boiling out to drench her thighs and Mark's cock. "Yes, darling, come! Shoot your jizz up my slutty little cunt. I'm a slut, Mark. I'm a cum-loving whore of an Aunt who wants all of your cum firing into my belly. Give it to me now!"

"Got it!" Mark yelled as Pam felt the length of his dick begin to pulse and throb. She was stretched so tight around him she was sure she could actually feel the jizm rumbling in his baseball-sized nuts as they slammed against her pussy. She was sure she felt every pumping spasm against the walls of her cunt as the jizm shot forth from his balls, coursed the length of his cock and erupted like lava from a volcano to scorch the inner tissues of her womb.

Burst after burst of hot cum thundered up into her and Pam came again, and again. Mark kept driving his spurting cock into his aunt's sopping cunt. His hard thrusts caused the cum to seep out of her pussy and drench her thighs. He gave his aunt all he had, then collapsed on top of her, gasping for air.

Pam looked up dizzily for a moment, to see that Jason and her Father had joined the women on the couch. Jason was crouched over his mother's blonde head, fucking his prick leisurely in and out of his grandmother's upturned cunt while Tabitha licked feverishly at the junction of his cock and her mother's cunt-lips. She was clearly spurred on by her father's fucking action -- her legs were draped over his shoulders as he pummeled her nude pussy with fast, hard cock-strokes.

The last thing Pam saw was Jason pulling out of Sheila's cunt to blast his cum over her ass and pussy and his mother's eager face. Then Pam passed out.
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Pam wasn't sure how long she dozed. She awoke, face-up and spread-legged, on the pile of pillows where Mark had fucked her into unconsciousness. Her mom sat beside her, gently stroking her hair and frigging two slender fingers in and out of Pam's twat.

"Welcome back," Sheila Corbett said, bending to give Pam a long, slow kiss. Her tongue, tasty with Tabitha's cunt-cream, flicked over Pam's lips and plunged into her mouth. "Sorry, honey. I just can't seem to keep my hands off of your pussy, can I?"

"Don't stop, Mom," Pam whispered. Tabitha and the men of the family were standing at Pam's feet, enjoying the incestuous mother-daughter display. But after a moment Sheila withdrew her hand from Pam's cunt and drew Pam up to a kneeling position.

"Unless you're through fucking for the evening, Sis, we need to get these guys back in the game," Tabitha said. She stroked her father's limp cock as she spoke. "I'd suggest that we each take turns blowing these studs' dicks until they're all ready for action again." That's just what they did. Pam's dad and her nephews stood together in a triangle, facing outward, as the three women took turns sucking and playing with each cock.

Pam chose to start with Mark, nibbling and licking at his balls in gratitude for the best fuck of her life. When she moved her lips up to his cock she found that even in its flacid state she had difficulty getting more than half of it into her mouth. And when it began to stiffen she had to let inch after inch slip out through her slick red lips until she was nursing and slurping on just the apple-sized purple head. With great effort she took the whole head into her mouth for a moment before letting him go. "I'll have to work on that," she promised her massively-hung nephew. "If you promise to let me get in a lot of practice, I'll learn to take all of you down my throat."

Pam moved on to Jason next. His dick was a few inches shorter and proportionately less big in circumference than his brother's, and she already knew that she could handle his hard-on. His mother had sucked him back to full erection. Pamela knelt before him, her hands on her knees, admiring the beautiful fuckpole. Looking straight into his eyes and keeping her hands on her knees, she bent forward and slowly trailed her tongue from the base of his dick right up to the sensitive area right under the head. She kissed the head and blew hot breath across it. When Jason looked as if he would faint dead away on his feet, Pam opened her jaw wide and sucked inch after hard inch down her throat until her face pressed into his flat boyish stomach. "Goddamn, Aunt Pam -- keep that up and I'll blow my nuts right now!" he exclaimed. "Where did you learn to suck like that?"

Pam flushed with pride and pulled her head off of his prick. "Maybe it's genetic," she suggested. "Just natural-born cocksucking talent, hmm?"

Pam had a lot of fun with Jason's big cock, sucking him hard and bending low to kiss and suck on his huge nuts. I adore cocks, she thought, reveling in the discoveries she was making about her own horny nature. I love everything about them, from the satiny heads to the long hard shaft to the balls. And teenage boys have such beautiful full balls. Her thoughts strayed to her own sons and a wave of lust rippled through her hot cunt.

She moved eagerly on to kneel before her father. She cupped his ass in her hands and sensuously scraped her nails down the backs of his strong thighs. Aside from a slight sagging of the stomach, her dad was in very good physical shape for a man of his years. Her admiring eyes took in every inch of his tanned, rugged physique, resting finally on what she admired most -- her father's cock.

Sheila and Tabitha had sucked his cock to iron stiffness. It thrust out at a curving angle from the wiry, graying hair that wreathed its base, the flaring head swollen dark purple-red. A drop of clear liquid oozed from the opening.

It was the most delicious-looking thing she had ever seen.

Pam's father leered down at her as if she were not his daughter but some whore he had picked up on the street and brought here, stripped naked and ready to satisfy his lust. That expression excited her. She was determined to give him the best blow-job of his life.

Locking eyes with her dad Pam shifted her knees further apart and pushed her hips forward. She played with her pussy with one hand, reaching in with two fingers to scoop up her own cream. She smeared her juices along her dad's dick from the base to the very tip, mixing them with his pre-cum. Then she loudly sucked the sticky mixture from her own fingers, one at at time.

Bill Corbett made a guttural sound and jerked his hips in a fucking motion.

Pam arched her slender back, drawing her big tits away from his prick. Then she leaned forward and rubbed her stiff pink nipples against the leaking tip of his cock.

"Give me some of those pillows," Pam said to Tabitha. "I need to be higher!" The others, delighted with the show Pam was putting on, hurriedly gathered pillows and slid them under her to boost her height. Her face was now level with her father's breastbone.

She closed her deep cleavage around her father's prick and slid up and down, squirming before him. He humped against her chest, fucking up between her heavy tits. His purple, mushroom-shaped prick-knob came squeezing out from between her smooth tit mounds and slid up her breastbone, nudging into the hollow of her throat.

Pam pushed her tongue out and lapped gently at the underside of her dad's cockhead as it moved up and down, touching it where the dark, twisting vein spread out under the meaty wedge of his cock-knob. She drew back, savoring that first taste.

"Yummy" she purred.

Releasing her tit-hold on Bill, at last Pam permitted herself to take just the head of his cock between her lips. She rolled her tongue around it. Then she pushed down, taking all of his cock into her mouth.

Her own pulse hammered relentlessly in her ears. She had her father's whole prick in her mouth! She had her dad's cock, and nothing could stop her from sucking him until he came in her mouth!

Pam pulled up slowly, her lips clinging softly to the cock as she sucked through every precious inch. She pulled up to his cockhead and nursed on it for a few seconds, then sucked it back into her gullet.

Bill tangled his fingers in Pam's long red hair, guiding her head back and forth up and down his prick but still letting her set her own pace. "That's the way to suck a cock, baby," he growled deeply. "Suck me right down your pretty little throat." His fingers played through her hair. "Do it for Daddy."

"Oh, I will," Pam said, letting his cock out of her mouth for a moment and nibbling on the head. "I'll make you feel soooo good, Daddy. Teach me just the way you like it. Show me." She swallowed up his cock again down to the root.

"Anything for you, Pammy," he chuckled. He pulled on Pam's hair, shoved his cock into her mouth again and began moving as before -- but this time he held her head tight and started jamming his cock back and forth, in and out of her mouth as he pleased.

Pam's dad fucked her face. She was helpless, her mouth and throat crammed full of cock, and she loved it. "Mmmmph," she mumbled. "Mmm--ungh!"

"Whee-oh! Look at Granddad put the prick to her!" Mark exclaimed.

"Look at Pam take it," Sheila said proudly.

"Never mind that, look at this," Jason said, crouching behind Pam and fingering her pussy-lips. "She's wide-open and sopping wet. See, her cum-juice is dripping down her legs." A moment later Pam felt Jason's tongue lick up first one of her legs and then the other. He shoved his mouth onto her pussy and tongue-fucked her with quick, hard strokes.

Pam went mad with pleasure, clamping her legs together to try to hold her nephew's head in place. But Jason pushed her legs apart and slid under her on his back until his hips were in line with hers. "Y'know, I just realized that I haven't fucked my Aunt yet. So I think I'll remedy that right now!" Jason's powerful hands grabbed Pam's hips and he pulled her down, spearing his cock all the way straight up her pussy in one smooth punch.

It took just three fast strokes of her nephew's cock to trigger Pam's orgasm. She squealed out her joy around the massive plug of her father's cock. As he pulled his hips back on the out-thrust Pam caught sight of herself on one of the video monitors. She saw herself as a naked, gorgeous, big-titted young redhead pumping up and down on her nephew's giant cock while her own father used her mouth like a pussy. The vision set off another climax deep in her loins.

"Go, Pammy, go!" Sheila cheered. "You're really fucking now. Pump that sexy little ass!"

"She does have a pretty ass, doesn't she?" Tabitha said. "Oh, I have a great idea. Mark, get down there behind your aunt."

"Right on," Mark exclaimed. He crouched behind Pam and a moment later his hairless, muscular young chest pressed into her back as his strong arms wrapped around her. He held her tight, mashing her big tits against her chest as he bent her forward. Pam felt the hot hardness of his cock moving up and down in the crease of her ass as she continued to slide up and down the length of Jason's prick.

Tabitha knelt next to Pam and began kissing and licking Pam's ear. "Sis," she whispered huskily, "you ever been fucked up the ass?"

Pam thought her heart would stop. She shook her head frantically as her dad kept pounding his prick down her throat. She'd never been assfucked, and had never even fantasized about taking a dick the size of Mark's up her ass. She pulled her mouth free of her father's cock for a moment. "Please, I don't think I can," she protested. Pam struggled briefly to break free of Mark's grip but he laughed and crushed her to him and pressed the length of his fuckmeat against her spine, grinding his balls against her asscheeks.

"Sure you can," Tabitha reassured her. "Trust me, baby, you'll love it." She brushed dark sweaty strands of hair away from Pam's face and kissed her forehead. "I should know. I'm absolutely addicted to taking my son's twelve inches up the ass."

"B-but I, I--" Pam stammered.

"Hush," Tabitha soothed, trailing kisses down Pam's cheeks and throat. "Mom, lube her up." Sheila Corbett stirred her fingers around in her own pussy to scoop out a handful of cuntjuice. She rubbed it generously over the head and length of Mark's cock. She rubbed more of it into Pam's ass-crease and worked it into the pink bud of her daughter's asshole.

Sheila pushed one finger into her daughter's asshole.

Pam uttered a wordless cry and pushed back against her mother's hand as a second finger went in. It felt wonderful! She squeezed her sphincter muscles and trapped Sheila's fingers inside. "Yeah, oh Yeah!" Suddenly she knew she needed to have Mark fuck her there, needed it more than anything in the world, while she fucked his brother and sucked her father off. "Give it to me, Mark baby!" she squealed.

"Go, girl!" Tabitha cheered. Pam released her mother's hand and felt Mark get into position, pressing his cockhead against the tiny opening of her ass. Pam took a long, deep breath and forced herself to relax. Mark hissed as he slowly eased the head of his cock into her bunghole.

"Ow--oh God, Mark, go slow," Pam moaned. "Oh God. You're sooo big, oh God, go slow until I get used to it." Pam felt as if the end of a baseball bat were being forced up her ass, but she gritted her teeth with determination and bore down on Mark's cock. Inch after slow torturous inch drilled into her, filling her rectum with hard throbbing prick.

Mark moved just a little, yanking a couple of inches of cock out and plunging rapidly back into Pam's ass. Pam's pain was transformed into the most incredible pleasure she'd ever felt. Waves of orgasmic bliss shot through her slender belly and raced like lightning through her body. Her nipples tingled delightfully, her clit ached with desire and she squeezed her cunt muscles hard around Jason's dick.

Mark pulled way out and then drilled his prick back into Pam's ass, his balls slamming agains her asscheeks. At the same time, Jason lunged up, skewering her pussy with his throbbing cock. Pam screamed in ecstacy.

"Yesssss!" she screamed, bucking between them as they ravaged her body. "Oooooo, Tabitha, you were right! I'm goin' out of my fuckin' mind!" She thrashed convulsively as her nephews got into a steady alternating fuck-rhythm. Each time Jason bucked his hips to pound cockmeat up his Aunt's creaming pussy, his brother yanked all but his cockhead out of Pam's ass. As Jason pulled back out of her pussy, Mark drove his cock into her ass up to the root. "Yeah, oh yeah, gimme more!" Pam cried. "More, more! Rape my ass, fuck my pussy! Fuck, fuck, fuck --"

"Excuse me, Miss Pussy-mouth, but you have a job to finish here," her father interrupted. He tugged on Pam's hair and she gleefully opened wide to receive his boner as he plunged it past her soft full lips and down her gullet. Her dad pounded his prick into her face with quick, stabbing thrusts.

Sweat poured into Pam's eyes. She shuddered uncontrollably as she fucked herself blindly onto all three pricks. Back and forth she rocked, taking first Jason's cock up her cunt then gobbling up Mark's prick with her ass as her mouth and tongue milked her father's big meat feverishly.

Suddenly her dad and nephews shifted and, as if on cue, began all pulling out and plunging into her at the same time! Pam went berserk as wave after wave of unbelievable pleasure tore through her body. She came and came in what seemed an endless cascade of mind-blasting orgasms.

"This is it!" she heard her father's voice as if from a great distance. "Christ, I'm coming! That's it, Pam, suck me! Take it all!" Thick gobs of spunk erupted from Bill Corbett's cock. Pam sucked and swallowed as fast as she could, unwilling to lose a drop of her father's jizm. Another orgasm ripped through her as Jason lunged up and hot cum gushed from his cock, splattering the walls of her pussy. Then Mark exploded, firing round after round of cum up into the searing depths of her ass-channel.

Pam's orgasms finally faded away in little ebbing ripples of pleasure. One after another her father and nephews pulled out of her and dropped to the carpet in exhaustion. It was several minutes before any of them could speak.

Pamela's gaze fell on Tabitha and Sheila, standing by the video console at the far end of the room. The exhausted redhead finally broke the silence. "Did we make a good tape?" she asked.

"Uh-huh." Tabitha grinned wickedly at her sister. "We'll wear this one out."

"Great." Pam closed her eyes again and her thoughts roamed to her own children -- Jeff and Chuck and her virgin daughter Tammy. Pam's mouth watered in anticipation. "Great. Can't wait to show it to the kids.”
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Pam awoke in her own bed the morning after her first family orgy, feeling a little sore and stretched in her pussy and asshole but thoroughly content. She stretched languidly and slid a finger slowly into her pussy, remembering her final fuck of the previous night. Her dad had ridden her for a good forty minutes while she rolled her ass beneath him and her mother and sister and nephews had looked on. Every delicious moment was preserved on tape.

Pam fingerfucked herself under the covers as she fantasized, realizing with a thrill that now there was nothing preventing her ever from fulfilling every one of her sexual fantasies.

Energized, she leapt out of bed, showered, then spent half an hour sorting through her clothes. She threw out all of her bras and underpants except for except for a single set for emergencies. Looking through her various frumpy housedresses and few plain-looking suits, she decided she would need a whole new wardrobe. She decided that she now had two simple criteria for "suitable" clothing: first that it be skimpy and sexy enough to turn a man on, and second that it be easily shed so that she could get his cock in her quickly.

Pam and Tabitha had always been competitive as kids, and Pam was determined to prove to her sister and parents and nephews -- particularly to her father -- that she was just as much a slut as Tabitha.

For now she threw on a short white terrycloth robe that barely covered her ass and headed down to the kitchen for her morning coffee. Her daughter Tammy was there, loading the dishwasher.

Tammy was a dark-haired beauty, with long shapely legs and a slender figure. Slender, that was, except for her tits. Pam knew that Tammy was a little embarrassed by how huge her tits were. They were almost out of proportion to the rest of her lithe dancer's body. This morning she was clad only in shorts and a halter-top, and every time she bent down to place dishes into the dishwasher rack her tight round asscheeks strained against the thin material of the shorts.

Tammy was so busy clanging pots and pans into the dishwasher rack that she hadn't heard her mother approach. Quietly so as not to alert the girl to her presence, Pam leaned against the frame of the kitchen door and watched the girl. In her mind's eye Pam imagined Tammy sprawled naked and squealing orgasmically as a big cock plowed deep into her virgin pussy. It was not important to Pam right now to decide who the cock belonged to. In fact she thought it would be fun to watch Tammy get fucked by more than one stud.

The very depravity of the image thrilled Pam. It was as if some inner switch had been turned as a result of yesterday's events. She was totally obsessed with fucking and sucking.

Tammy turned to look at her. "Hi, Mom," Tammy said, then looked disgusted. "What's wrong with you?"

"Nothing," Pam said, walking as best she could to the kitchen counter and pouring herself some coffee. "Why do you ask?"

"Well would you cover up? I can see all your -- you know. It's embarrassing." Tammy wrinkled her nose in adolescent annoyance. "You've been acting pretty weird lately. And I know you and Dad haven't been getting along. What's up?"

"I'm fine, really," Pam said, forcing herself to look up into Tammy's eyes. "Looking forward to spending some time with you kids while your Dad's gone and you're out of school for the summer. What have you got planned today?"

"Mom, you know I'm spending the night at Jessica's," Tammy said in annoyance. "Chuck's gonna give me a ride over there in half an hour, on his way to football camp."

"Uhn, well -- at least your twin brother isn't abandoning me," Pam said, clearing her throat and trying to focus. "I'd better go let him know that I expect him to clean the pool while I'm out this morning." Pam rose and left the kitchen, headed upstairs.

"Well for god's sake, Mom, put something on before you wake him!" Tammy shouted after her. "You look like a slut!"

At the top of the stairs Pam thought better of waking her son Jeff up just yet. She *felt* like a slut, and she was proud of it!

Pam was so hot she was afraid she'd attack Jeff in his own bed, with Tammy right downstairs, and that wouldn't be wise! Instead she wrote him a note telling him about the pool. She taped the note to his door and went to her own room to dress for a shopping trip.

Pam spent the rest of the morning in town. She had her hair and nails done, then spent two hours buying the most revealing, sluttish clothes she could find. When she returned home with her purchases Jeff was working out in the basement gym he'd set up for himself.

"Jeff, did you skim the pool this morning like I asked?" Pam called out to her son. She was standing on the deck beside the Randolphs' outdoor pool. She'd debated which of her new clothes to wear, but finally had settled on a subtle approach. She was clad in a clingy cotton sundress and sandals.

"Uh, not yet," Jeff said sheepishly. He walked onto the deck and stopped short. Pam knew by his expression that the morning sun high behind her was showing him her lush, youthful body right through the dress as surely as if he had x-ray vision. She wondered if he could also tell that she was wearing neither bra nor panties.

"Something wrong, sweetie," Pam said, leaning low over the water so that Jeff could ogle her long bare legs.

"Huh? Oh no, nothing." Jeff looked away quickly. Pam suspected that the sheen of sweat breaking out on his broad chest and arms wasn't entirely the result of his workout. "I'll take care of the pool right now."

"Thanks, sweete." Pam sauntered by her son, swaying her hips sexily as she walked into the house. "There's something else you can help me with," she said casually. "I'll be right back".

Pam had a wicked idea. She collected a few items from her bathroom and headed back to the pool. Jeff was working with the net at the far end. Pam sat down at the near edge of the pool and dangled her legs in the water. "Jeff, would you come over here, please?"

Jeff dove in and swam the length of the pool, breaking the surface just inches from Pam's feet. "What's up, Mom?"

"Well, I'm a little shy about it," Pam lied, holding out the items she'd picked up: her safety razor, shaving cream and skin lotion. "What I want," she said quietly, gazing directly into her son's curious eyes, "is for you to shave my pussy."


"Well, I do!" she giggled. "But at the beauty salon -- you know, I just couldn't ask *them* to do it. And even with a mirror, I can't see very well down there -- I'm afraid I'll cut myself." She grasped the hem of her sundress and raised it, lifting her ass from the pool tiles to slide the dress up to her waist. Now she was naked from the waist down.

She spread her legs wide, smiling sluttishly as Jeff's eyes were drawn irresistibly to her red-thatched pussy. "Shave Mom's pussy for her, will you Jeffy?"

"Mom!" Jeff sputtered. "That's crazy -- I can't do that?"

"And why not?" Pam demanded with mock sternness. "God knows I don't ask you to do much around here. Look, I'll help." So saying she squirted shaving cream into her hand and lathered her bush, enjoying the cool tingling against her pussylips. "I'd ask your sister, but she's not here."

"B-but --"

"But nothing!" Pam handed her son the razor and brought his hand to hover over her pussy mound. Despite his show of shock, Pam noticed that Jeff's thin gym trunks were now tented by a hard-on so big that the head bobbed up near the surface of the water. "Here, I'll help you start."

Pam guided his hand gently for a couple of strokes of the razor across her lower belly, but Jeff asserted himself and pushed her hand away. He may have been concerned that two hands on the razor would cause him to mistakenly hurt his mother. One thing was certain -- Pam could sense her son's growing fascination with every curve and fold of her pussy as he carefully shaved away every trace of pubic hair.

Finally, it was done. "Thanks," Pam cooed, pouring skin lotion into her hand and beginning to massage it into her pussy mound. She waited for Jeff to speak, to move away or make some move toward her, but he simply stood mutely staring as if hypnotized at his mother's bald pussy.

"Help rub in the lotion," Pam whispered, guiding her son's hand back onto her pussy.


"Hush." Pam said. She stretched out one foot under the water and hooked into the leg of Jeff's shorts, sliding her manicured toes against the hot smooth surface of his huge cock. Jeff moaned in response and, as if involuntarily, slid a finger into his mother's wet pussy.

"Yesssss!" Pam slipped into the pool to stand before her son. She tugged his shorts down. She pulled the sundress off over her head, flung it away and pressed the full length of her naked body against him. His giant prick pressed against her belly. She wrapped her hand around it -- it was almost the size of her nephew Mark's cock!

Pam thrust her pussy against the underside of Jeff's cock. "Like the way that feels?" she teased and kissed him, pushing her tongue into his mouth. He returned the kiss eagerly. "You do!" She mumbled without breaking the kiss. "You like Mama's bare-lipped pussy, don't you?"

Jeff groaned excitedly in reply.

"Good, because this pussy loves cock!" Pam raised one leg and fitted her pussylips atop the big hard crown of her own son's prick. "Mom's pussy needs her son's hard cock fucking it. Can you handle that?"

In answer, Jeff smiled charmingly and flexed his knees. As he rose his cockknob slipped past her pussylips and inch after inch of dick slowly stretched her cunt channel. She was silently thankful that she'd been prepared for big-dick fucking by her nephews. "More, more, more", she pleaded until his pubic hair tickled her pussy mound and she knew that he was completely inside.

"That's it," Pam grunted, looking into her son's blue eyes as she pushed her tongue across his lips and thrust it into his mouth. "Give it all to me, give it all to Momma. Fuck me forever."

"God, Mom, I love your pussy - but this is wrong!" Jeff protested weakly.

"What, because you're my son?" Pam teased, thinking of what Tabitha had told her. "That just makes it hotter." She tightened her cunt muscles, snapping and holding his cock in place. "But we can stop whenever you want."

Jeff's answer was to move his pumping hips in wide circles, massaging her sensitive inner walls from a different direction with every stroke. She loved it and egged him on. "Dad's gone for the summer, you know. After we make each other cum we'll go into the house and you can have me in my bed. We're going to do this all the time, and we're going to fuck every way you can imagine.

Jeff grinned. "Can I eat your pussy?"

"Dumb question. May I suck your big cock?" In the water Jeff could easily support his mother's weight and she lifted her legs, wrapping them around the small of his back and floating on her back with her arms outspread and her tits upthrust into the sunlight. He could fuck her at a whole different angle this way, she discovered, and as she floated on the water his hands were free to play with her nipples. "Will you let me? Will you let me crouch on my knees while you glide your big dick in and out of my sucking lips for as long as you can last? Tell me that you'll let Mom swallow your big jism load..."

"OH GOD!" With that the first molten spurts of jism sprayed from Jeff's cock and he came hard, triggering Pam's own orgasm as the hot fluid painted her pussy walls. They floated locked together for a few minutes, resting in one another's arms. Then Pam swam away and walked sexily back to the house. She stood in the open doorway for a moment, naked, and beckoned for her son to follow her.

She led the way to the big master bedroom. To Hell with toweling off! She wanted to fuck her son soaking wet, dripping sweat and pool water into her mouth as she kissed his chest and bit his nipples.

Chuck wouldn't be back from soccer practice until after 5:00, and Tammy was spending the night at her friend's. That gave Pam and Jeff the entire afternoon to spend any way they wanted. She looked forward to an uninterrupted afternoon of naked fucking with her oldest boy.

And that's what they did. Most of the time Pam lay on her back, her huge tits bouncing and quaking and her heels beating a tattoo on Jeff's hard young ass as he plowed his big fuckrod into her pussy over and over and over.

Pam regretted the years wasted since she'd last fucked teenage cock. Now she was rediscovering the stamina of a young stud. Jeff sprang to stiffness at the slightest touch of her hand or swipe of her tongue across his balls or cockhead. By two o'clock, though, he clearly needed a rest. He'd fucked her three times and came twice in her pussy and once, at her hot urging, across her belly and tits. Between bouts of fucking she'd sucked his rod back to hardness while he ate her pussy and sucked her tits. Pam wanted still more. Grinning to herself, she knew just what would both turn the boy on again and introduce him to the unique pleasures that family fucking presented. "Wanna watch a video?" she asked, rising from bed and throwing on a loose, short robe. She made no move to tie it shut, letting her big round breasts sway naked before her son.

"A sexy one?" Jeff's head came up off the bed, clearly intrigued. His soft cock stirred slightly at the idea. Pam smiled and reached one long leg across to tickle his balls with her red-painted toenails.

"The sexiest," she said, fetching the canvas carry-all she'd taken with her to her parents' house the day before. She reached into it and withdrew a videotape. "I borrowed this from your Aunt Tabitha," she explained. "Let's watch it down in the den."

So saying they went downstairs. Jeff settled onto the big leather couch as Pam popped the tape into the VCR and pressed the play button. "Never suspected Aunt Tabitha was into skin flicks," he said, stretching lazily across the couch. He was naked, his youthful cock glistening with Pam's dried pussy-cream and his own cum. Pam just grinned.

"You'd be surprised at what Tab's into," she said, sitting down next to her son. "This is an old transfer from film," she explained, "so I don't know about the quality -- "

The video opened without credits, and was surprisingly clear and well lit for what Pam knew was a home movie. The camera panned across a bedroom that Pam recognized immediately as her parents'. A youngish blonde with an old-fashioned Sixties hippie hairdo lay on the bed, alone, blankets drawn up to her chin. Even covered up, you could see that she had big round breasts and long shapely legs.

"Hey, that looks a little like Grandma," Jeff said. Pam noticed his cock swelling slightly at the idea.

"It is Grandma," Pam said. "Now just watch." "You and Dad wanted to talk to me about something?" A voice came from offscreen, and then a young blonde girl entered. She was wearing a white nightie. Her long straight blonde hair bounced against her pert ass as she walked over and sat on the bed next to her mom.

Jeff gasped. "That's Aunt Tabitha," he said. "She must be about nineteen!"

"Eighteen," Pam corrected. "By the way, the title of this one is 'Tabitha's First Time." Jeff's cock leapt half-erect. Pam curled her fingers around it and gently jacked him with long, light strokes.

On the TV screen, Sheila reached out to draw her daughter close to her. "What's Dad doing with the movie camera?" Tabitha asked, glancing with nervous curiosity right at the camera lens.

"This is going to be an important conversation," Sheila explained, running her fingers through Tabitha's hair. "Your Dad and I were wondering if you've been giving any thought to dating yet?"

"Dating?" Tabitha looked uncertain.

"Yeah, dating," Sheila laughed. "You know, as in boys?" She lowered the blanket which covered her so that the tops of her breasts were revealed halfway down the nipples. "I was thinking, you know, that we should have a chat about sex."

"Mom! Uh, don't worry about me! I'm sure not ready to have, you know, that with any boy." Tabitha blushed. Her mother smiled reassuringly."Why not? You certainly look ready to me," Sheila giggled, tugging Tabitha's nightie open in the front. "Just look at these big beauties." She placed one manicured hand on Tabitha's left breast, absently fingering the pink nipple. Bill zoomed in on the suddenly stiffening buds, not missing a trick. "Are they very sensitive?"

"Mom! What are you doing?" Tabitha drew back slightly -- but not much, as she clearly enjoyed the sensations.

"Just wondering if your lovely tits are as sensitive as mine," Sheila answered, yanking the blanket down to her waist. She was naked, her big breasts exposed to her daughter's fascinated gaze. "And you do have beautiful tits." She reached with her other hand to fondle Tabitha's free nipple. "A man -- the right man -- can give you a lot of pleasure by playing with these. Sometimes I can have an orgasm just from having mine sucked. What about you?"

"I--I have no idea," Tabitha stammered.

"We should find out,then," Sheila whispered, lowering her head and sucking one fat pink nipple into her mouth.

"Wow!" Jeff shouted, eyes glued to the screen. The video was having the effect Pam had hoped for. She slid off the couch and dropped to her knees before him, taking his huge boner in both hands and teasing the head with her tongue. A clear drop of pre-cum oozed out. She licked it up eagerly. "Tabitha gave this to you? I -- look, Grandma's playing with Tab's pussylips --"

Pam didn't answer. She was too busy sucking his cock. Loudly and wetly she slurped on her son's tasty prick. The gurgling, smacking sounds of cock-sucking pleasure filled the den.

Jeff's prick grew even stiffer, beating on the roof of her mouth. Pam shrugged out of her robe. Naked, she thrust her left hand between her thighs and rubbed her wet pussy shamelessly, finger fucking herself and throating son-cock at the same time. "S-stop, please!" Tabitha was pleading onscreen. Pam could hear but not see the video action. "Dad, make Mom stop!"

"Hmm," came Bill's deep voice. "From the way your little virgin pussy is sucking her fingers in, doesn't seem like you really want me to. Say, Sheila, why don't you stick your tongue up there -- see how she likes that. Get her good and ready."

A moment later Tabitha squealed. "Uh-ungh...oh Mom, you're making me crazy! Don't stop!"

Pam let Jeff's prick slip from her mouth for just a moment. "Scoot forward, darling, and spread your legs more. That way I can get at your balls." Jeff did as she instructed. She drooled spit and pre-cum into her left hand and began delicately massaging her son's ball-sac, occasionally running her fingers up the underside of his cock.

Pam loved playing with her son's huge nuts, but they weren't her main targets now. She turned slightly, watching the video out of the corner of one eye, as her fingers circled slowly toward Jeff's puckered asshole.

Tabitha's hips were thrashing now, her legs kicking wildly in the air as she lay back on the bed and her mother tongued her cunt with long, slow strokes. I'll have to remember that technique, Pam mused as she thought about her own daughter. Now Pam's father strode into camera, stripping off his trousers to reveal a raging hard-on. Sheila looked up at him, mumbling into Tabitha's pussy. "Can't you wait a bit, dear?" she grinned.

"Hell, I've been waiting for years now to sink my prick into my sweet daughter's cunt," Bill groaned. He twined his fingers in Sheila's hair and dragged her off her daughter's pussy, pushing the head of his cock between her eager lips. "Stick to the plan, Sheila, and you can play all you want with her after I take her virginity. "Tabitha's eyes shot wide open as her mother broke the lewd mouth-to-cunt contact. "Dad-- you can't mean that. You wouldn't fuck your own daughter!" "Oh, he can and will," Sheila breathed, opening her mouth and taking hold of Bill's cock. She pulled it close to Tabitha's face. "Just look at the size of this fucker, Tab. Can you imagine what it'll feel like, busting your cherry and driving up into your hot little hole?" Tabitha shook her head meekly, but as her mother returned to licking her pussy her lips curled lustfully. "Uh, Mama, are you sure I should? I've never..."

"You have a woman's body," Sheila hissed. "It's time for you to learn: fucking is what being a woman is all about." Sheila kissed and licked at Tabitha's clit for another few moments until the girl was agitated into near-orgasm, then she stopped. "Lie down, Bill. Let's make our daughter's first fuck special." Sheila rose and hugged her husband, snaking her tongue into his ear. "Let her ride you.""Hmm. I like how you think, you slut." Swiftly Pam's father reclined on the bed, holding out his arms to his daughter. Hesitantly Tabitha sat up and took his hands, then swiveled around to straddle him on her knees. Her slender right hand snaked down between her legs to fondle the head of her father's cock awkwardly. Bill Corbett laughed at his daughter's shyness and settled his cockhead into position at the entrance to her cunt.

"Look at that," Sheila said. "No one handles a cock like a virgin does". Sheila was evidently handling the camerawork now, zooming in on her daughter's coral pussy. The lips flowered outward as Bill's cockhead nudged between them. Then, as Jeff and his mother looked on, the thick cock slid into Tabitha's oh-so-willing twat.It was at that moment that Pam turned her face up to watch Jeff's eyes and pushed her index finger into his asshole."Kee-rist!" Jeff cried out. "Ugh -- Mom, what are you doing? That feels fucking fantastic!"

Pam giggled and dragged her tongue slowly up the big vein on the underside of his massive prick. "I'm gonna make you cum, that's what," she hissed. "Fight it all you like, baby -- your lovely load is mine." So saying she closed her lips around the head of his cock and slowly engulfed it, forcing herself to relax the muscles of her throat until her nose grazed the blonde curly hair on his belly. She probed his ass with her finger, pressed down hard and sucked, moving her head frantically up and down as thick hot cum geysered up from his balls and blasted into her belly.

"Yea--aaggh!" Jeff howled. "Suck me, Mom! Uh, god -- take it all down your throat!" Pam gleefully followed directions, her mouth filling with cum as string after string of the gooey stuff erupted from his prick.

She sucked and swallowed until at last Jeff's cum subsided. Then she drew her full lips up to the tip of his cock again, licking at the last drops which drooled from the open slit.

"Love it," Pam purred. She looked up at her son with wide, innocent eyes. "Did you enjoy that, Jeffy?" Her son smiled wickedly, too exhausted to do more than nod. "Good. Tell you what, Hon -- this is another thing we're gonna do a lot of from now on. I'm gonna suck your cock for breakfast," she said as her fingers trailed up and down the spit-and-cum-soaked length of his meat. "I'll drink dinner from your dick, and have a late night...lunch."

Pam clapped her hands happily to see that Jeff's cock was still hard as steel. She rose to her feet, standing with her feet wide apart in front of her son and thrusting her pussy sluttishly into his face. "Hey, if you can keep that up, I'd really like a fuck, now. Could you, please?"

"You know it, Mom!" Jeff leapt up and pulled his mother around to the back of the couch. He guided her to bend forward, standing with elbows resting on the couch back, her ass thrust high and her legs spread so that he could ease the length of his dick into her exposed pussy. "This way we can watch Tabby's hot action while we fuck," he explained.

The action on-screen had certainly progressed: Tabitha was now facing the camera, back to her father, sliding up and down on his fat cock. Her mother was kissing and licking her husband's cock as it appeared and disappeared into their daughter's hungry teen twat.

Pam fast-forwarded the video a few minutes. Now Tabitha was flat on her back, legs bent and feet planted wide apart on the mattress. Sheila was kissing her daughter's cunt, alternating slipping her tongue deep into Tabitha's pussy and sucking hard on the exposed nubbin of her clit. Tabitha looked deliriously happy as, head turned to one side, she stretched her lips around her father's big cock as he stood beside the bed.

"Just relax and let me do the work," Bill said, placing one hand on the side of his daughter's head and beginning to move his hips back and forth. He withdrew his cock almost completely from Tabitha's mouth, then slowly but relentlessly forced the entire length into her throat. Tabitha began to thrash and gag a little, which only seemed to spur Sheila on to more ardent cunt sucking. With both hands she held her daughter's flailing hips firmly down on the bed and completely covered the young girl's pussy with her mouth.

"Yeah, fuck her face," Sheila groaned. "Dick her deep. You like that, Tab? Like having your mouth used like a pussy?" Tabitha could only nod, reaching down with both hands to guide her mom's magic mouth back onto her pussy. "Great. Bill, I'm so glad you talked me into this. Just think, now Tabby is our own private toy, to play with and fuck and suck whenever we want."

Pam moaned and nodded to herself as her pussy spasmed and her body shook through one more orgasm. What her mom said on video echoed her own wanton thoughts: she was determined to train her boys as willing studs, like Tabitha's sons, to pleasure her when and how she wanted.
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Pam's life fell into a new rhythm in the next few days. She napped and ate whenever she had the chance -- usually when she was alone in the house. When she and Jeff were alone together, she spent most of her time with his log of a cock up her cunt or between her hot sucking lips. In the evenings she usually took off to visit her folks on one pretext or another. There she'd fuck and suck long into the night, often taking on a trio of cocks or learning the finer techniques of pleasuring pussy from her mom and sister.

One morning Jeff had headed off on some errand with a couple of friends, not expecting to be home until early evening. Pam laid down for a nap at about eleven. She wasn't sure how long she slept, but she was roused from a wet dream by the very real sensation of two strong hands tugging at her bare nipples. She smiled languidly, snuggling her back against her son's hard chest and wiggling her naked asscheeks into his crotch invitingly. Early afternoon sunlight angled in through her bedroom window.

As one of her son's strong hands released her right breast and moved down to caress her clit, Pam was delighted that he'd made it back early. "Want me to suck that big beauty hard?" Pam sighed, rubbing her ass harder against her son's half-erect cock.

"Maybe later!" Suddenly Pam was flipped onto her back and pinned against the mattress by a muscular, young male body atop her. Her eyes flew wide open and she looked disbelievingly up at the sneering face of her younger son, Chuck!

"Chuck! How did you--" Pam was cut off in mid-sentence as Chuck pressed his lips to hers for a long, probing kiss. When he finally broke the kiss she struggled feebly against him. "Chuck, what are you doing?"

"I'm getting ready to fuck you, Mom." Chuck pinned both of her hands to the bed above her head with one of his hands as the other wandered and played with her naked tits and pussy. Pam felt her lust rising as she tried to get her mind around what was happening.

The twins took after Pam's side of the family, with their long slender limbs and fair skin. Chuck was more like his father -- dark-skinned, stocky, his chest already covered by black curling hair. Pam shifted her gaze to the dark forest of pubic hair at her younger son's crotch and drew a sudden, sharp breath of surprise. In one respect, at least, Chuck didn't resemble his father at all. He was hugely hung. He wasn't yet fully erect, but his cock promised to be easily the size of Mark's!

"Y-you can get in a lot of trouble for this!" Pam mumbled, her voice choked as much by lust as by fear. "What if I-"

"Tell?" Chuck laughed. "You won't," he said matter-of-factly. "See, I've been thinking...the girls at school all beg for me to fuck 'em, and so do a few of their mothers. And the way you've been walking around here half-undressed ever since Dad left, I know what you want."

He probed her rapidly moistening pussylips with one blunt finger. "See, I figure that once I fuck you good, you'll want more. So why should you tell?"

"You're pretty damned sure of yourself." Pam couldn't entirely suppress a smile. Inwardly she laughed to herself -- Chuck, so smug and confident, clearly didn't have a clue what had been going on between his mom and brother and other family members.

Pam intended to take full advantage of that ignorance and teach him a lesson.

"Please, you can't really mean to fuck your own mother," she insisted. She pretended to continue struggling but in reality managed to gyrate her hips sexily against his cock. She scissored her long legs "helplessly" in the air, her smooth thighs squeezing and gliding over her son's flanks. "God, look at you!" she protested. "Your dick is gigantic!" She looked up at him, wide-eyed as if in fear, biting her lower lip shyly. "You can't mean you want to slide that monster into your poor mom's little pussy!"

At Pam's words Chuck's cock sprang to full hardness. God, he was bigger than Mark! Pam gasped and stared in disbelief at the largest cock she'd ever seen, easily an inch or two longer and thicker than her heavy-hung nephew. The shiny, blood-dark head was nearly the size of Pam's fist.

She let out an involuntary mewl of anticipation and spread her legs wide for her son.

"Told you," Chuck said arrogantly. "You're really juicing up." He slid two more fingers into his mother's blossoming pussy, and proved that he wasn't exaggerating in his boasts of sexual experience. In moments he found the most sensitive spot inside Pam's cunt and expertly brought her right to the brink of explosion with deft manipulation alone. Pam twisted her head to one side, biting down hard on her pillow to avoid screaming out her surrender.

In an instant Chuck released her arms and slid his hands under the taut creamy globes of her asscheeks. Effortlessly, he lifted her ass off the bed and draped her legs over his shoulders. He sealed his lips to the wet pink slit of her pussy. His tongue roved boldly over her quivering pussy mound, then fluttered teasingly over the swollen nub of her clit for a moment before spearing deep into her aching cunt.

"Oh sweet God!" Pam howled as ripples of orgasm grew in her belly. As suddenly as he'd attacked her pussy Chuck pulled his face away and looked down at his mother's lust-contorted face. "Chuckie, honey, please -- I'm so close. I wanna cum. Make Momma come, baby."

"Sure thing, Mom. When I'm good and ready." Still gripping Pam's ass, Chuck lowered her toward the bed until her drooling pussy was on a level with the tip of his engorged cock. Chuck was amazingly strong, Pam marveled -- she'd never experienced anything like this, her legs and ass hanging in mid-air as if weightless while her son nudged his throbbing cockhead between the soft fleshy folds of her pussylips.

With a presence of mind that surprised Pam herself, she quickly held one hand up in front of Chuck's face and shouted "Stop!" Lust-crazed as she was, as desperately as she wanted him to ravish the innermost recesses of her cunt with his muleish prick, Pam was still determined to seize the initiative in these crucial moments. It was her responsibility as a mother, she rationalized, to maintain some semblance of authority over her teenaged children even if only by the indirect means of persuasion and manipulation. "Chuck, think about what you're doing! You're about to fuck your mother! Don't you care how awfully wicked that is?"

Chuck paused momentarily, then shrugged casually. "Nah. I like your cunt. And how awful does it feel, Mom?" he chuckled as he slipped an inch or so of his cockhead slowly in and out of the mouth of her pussy.

"Oh, ungh! Please listen, sweetheart -- do you love me?" Pam batted her eyes bashfully, half-afraid that at any moment she'd break into a smile and ruin the performance.

"Huh -- of course. Of course I love you, Mom." Chuck was taken aback by the unexpected question, momentarily nonplussed.

"All right then," Pam sighed. "If you really, really love me..." she paused and raised herself on her elbows, gazing earnestly into Chuck's coal-black eyes, "...then fuck me now, darling. Really put the prick to me -- give Mommy the best fuck of her life!"

"Yeah, man!" Chuck edged his hips forward as he pulled Pam's hips toward him. Pam shuddered from head to toe as her pussy stretched wider than ever in her life! Her legs flailed, heels beating the air wildly as she undulated her hips in her son's strong hands, urging him deeper into her. She pled silently with her eyes for him to push more of his enormous fuckmeat into her yawning cunt-channel.

After several long moments Chuck stopped pushing and looked down at Pam. "You okay?" Pam nodded spasmodically, stunned. Her pussy had never felt so fully packed with cock. "Good. The hard part's over; my whole knob's in."

"Your whole --that's just the head?!" Pam gasped in astonishment. "Oh God oh my sweet sweet fucking Jesus this is incredible --"

"Jeez, Mom --"

"No, not another word," Pam silenced him. "I have to have your whole fucking wonderful cock in me if it kills me. Split me in two if you have to, baby. Now! Give it to Momma!"

Chuck thrust his hips forward suddenly, forcing another two inches of his cock into Pam's creaming pussyhole. The wonderful pressure pushed her over the edge. "Cu-cumming!" she shrieked. "Unh, unh, unh, oh, Chuck!" she moaned. "Oh God!" She shook and twisted in her son's hands, almost convulsing at the pleasure surging through her.

Every orgasmic spasm seemed to open her cunt more. Chuck worked his hips rhythmically in steady short thrusts, plunging more and more of his prick into her. Pam breathed shallowly, nearly delirious with an excitement she'd never experienced before. When the coarse hair wreathing the base of his cock finally dragged across her taut swollen pussylips another orgasm rocked her.

Wave upon wave of pleasure coursed through her. She tried to scream out her joy, but she couldn't summon the will to make a sound. She was completely limp, her mouth hanging open soundlessly, drooling onto her pillow. It was as if her nervous system had seized up from the overwhelming rapture pulsing through her. She was utterly paralyzed and helpless, and she loved it.

She was still cumming as Chuck started hammering his cock in and out of her. He dragged her clutching pussy almost inside out every time he withdrew all but his cockknob. Each time he slammed the entire length up into her, another bolt of joy wracked her frame. She kept cumming, and cumming. She was sure she was going to die from cumming with her pussy helplessly impaled on her son's hot hard meat.

Chuck sped up his fucking, reaming out his mom's pussy with bone-jarring thrusts. One orgasm followed another, each more breathtaking than the last as they built toward an incredible crescendo. Still he kept forcefully and rapidly pumping his cock back and forth in her.

After a while he pulled out and rolled her over, ramming into her again from behind. Then he flipped over so that she was stretched out full-length, face-up atop him, pinning her legs wide open with his and massaging her clit while fucking up into her from beneath. "Oh yeah, this is great!" Chuck rasped, finally spewing thick wads of cream into her cunt as he blasted off. He drenched her womb in the stuff as she wriggled and squealed and begged for every last precious drop.

I've hit the jackpot with this kid, Pam thought dreamily as she enjoyed the twitching of Chuck's softening cock inside her pussy.
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