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How I fucked my bhabhi sister in law
3 years ago I was horny on a hot day. I could see my sister my bhabhi sister in law sitting inside and I had a hardon in my jeans. I thought I will walk in so its pointing straight. (Her photos are in my gallery). Since she married my brother we and her never spoke much and i never liked her but that day changed it all.

I walked past her in the living room to go to the storage room at the back. She noticed my erection. When I walked by through she blatantly looked at my erection.

From then on daily she would look at my crotch area to see if I was erected. Sometimes when I easnt hard enough I would stick a banana in my boxers and wear my trackies and walk in the room. Since an 11inch banana would cause a huge tent she would gawp at it.

The ice finally broke when I asked her what are you looking at. She replied "clearly your wife doesn't give you any".

I played dumb and asked her what do you mean. She then made eye contact at my erection.

(In Pakistani families wifes generally go back to their mums often as was the case with my wife. So we rarely did it. Besides she's a slag type. Her pussy was already stretched and dealt with a number of guys before we married)

My bhabhi then replied "well if your wife is getting it elsewhere you might as well do the same and winked. Your brother rarely has time to fuck me as he always working and is fat"

I ended up pulling my trackies down and my penis propped out and she just swallowed it.

She quickly bent over and was very wet and said "meri pudi chato Dewar jee" (lick my pussy brother in law).

She then said "lund Dalo, tauko" (insert your cock in me and fuck me)

We shagged hard for 20 mins non stop in doggy.

We continued doing it when no one was at home but living with entire Pakistani family its hard.

Bhabhi and her husband have bought a house down the road a year ago.

We now do it very regularly and sometimes daily. She has a 5 year old who she drops off at school and is home at 9am. Her husband works from 8am to 7pm 7 days a week as he is focused about making money. Again this os common with Pakistani men they become too focused on money.

My wife goes to her mums from 9am to 7/8pm daily and dresses like a typical Bradford pakistani slag in tight asian clothes with heels. I do know she gets fucked regularly by her ex as my son told me that "dad when you go out sometimes uncle Ali comes round". I have asked my wife and she says its the delivey guy who drops off food. But since I asked her she therefore spends more time at her mums...

So I get to bhabhis and be there from 930 to 2pm and give her some time to clean up before school pickup.

She cooks the typical roti at lunch and i bend her over as she cooks and bone her raw with my thick cock (see my pics)

The best thing is that my whole family including my wife think me and her dont get on. And in front of family we never talk but we're like dirty dogs.

So guys if you want to fuck your bhabhis sister in laws just walk past them or sit in the room with an erection that causes a tent and let off fake light moans. If she makes eye contact then she's on it.

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