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Frankie's Mom
A few weeks ago a friend of mine discovered my writings here and told me about it. I think he was going to give me a ton of shit about it but he surprised me by telling me it was a relief because now he could tell someone about something that's been going on in his life. His name is Frankie Napolitano. Frankie comes from a very well-to-do family. His father was a graduate of Yale Law and was pulling down over a million a year when he decided to run off with his legal secretary, a woman of 23. Frankie's mother Anna was bullshit, of course, and got a lawyer who was equally as good and a bigger asshole than her husband had been. So that's the background but after this the first person story will be told by Frankie as well as he can remember it anyway. Oh yeah, not only did he tell it to me to get it off his chest but he's hoping his father will discover it here and take him down a notch or three.

So I was 20 when my father took off with his bimbo. We hadn't been close at all but what he did to my mom sucked enormously. I vowed revenge. Mom was 41 and hadn't had to work since she graduated from college but that was okay because she got a mortgage free house and a really nice alimony check. We had lived in a house that was close to a mansion in a upper middle class suburb of Boston. It was a hot mid-July day about nine months after he left when I was cooling off at our swimming pool with my mom. Mom was 39. She could get the darkest tans and took good care of herself. She came out by the pool with me and applied sun lotion to most of her body but asked me to get her back and shoulders for her. When I was rubbing it in I noticed for the first time how firm her body was. She was my mom and I didn't think of things like that so it caught me by surprise at first but then I thought, why not. But what really surprised and embarrassed me what how I got a little turned on when I rubbed the sun block in. Not much but even a little bit made me feel like a pervy bastard. I got back to my chair without mom noticing and it went down shortly after that.

Anyway, I put it out of my mind and fell asleep for a little while in the sun. Mom did too. When I woke up I could see her up on her elbows reading a book. Mom was always reading something. My sleepiness and the sun made me feel a little groggy so I just stared at her for a little while kind of seeing her but not really if you know what I mean. I mean, my mind was switching between noticing how sleepy I felt and how comfortable it was being there with her like that.

What happened next really caught me off guard though. Mom reached behind herself a pulled her bikini bra tie loose so that the bra fell away from her body. Now I've seen my mother naked or partially clad over the years, what kid hasn't. It all happened when I was young and didn't really notice it and of course when I got older it stopped happening entirely. So she had untied her top without thinking I was right there with her and once it had fallen away I noticed her pendulous breasts hanging from her body. Until that moment I'd forgotten mom even had breasts. I mean she's my mother and I don't see her that way. Well, at least I didn't. I remember thinking at that moment if she'd been any other woman I'd think she was coming on to me, being suggestive.

I could help but stare. My mother is a true Italian woman, olive skinned, dark hair and big boobs. I continued to stare and could feel myself becoming aroused again. But now it was like I was looking at someone who wasn't my mother and my base instincts had taken over. Now I was looking at some woman's nice tits. I know I wasn't staring very long when she glanced over and saw me looking at her.

"Oh honey you're awake."

She didn't cover herself up at all and my eyes went between her eyes and her breasts. "Yeah, I just woke up. I didn't burn did I?"

She lifted herself up a little more so she could see my back and then replied, "No, you're good." It was at that instant she realized her breasts were hanging free and caught be staring at them. She quickly pulled her top back up over her breasts and apologized, "Oh sweetheart I'm sorry. I forgot I'd done that."

"It's okay mom," I replied. "It's not like I haven't seen them before."

It was at that moment I decided to roll over on my back and my arousal immediately became obvious to both of us. "Aw shit!" I exclaimed as I quickly rolled back over.

Mom laughed and said, "It's okay honey but me?"

I blushed profusely and stuttered out the only honest reply my mind could come up with, "I have a breast fixation?"

Mom laughed again and said, "The acorn didn't fall far from that tree. I always said that's why your father married me."

Part of the reason I could even say what I did was mom was renowned for speaking her mind and was very reassuring about appreciating the same from everyone else. Mom rolled over onto her back with her hand holding her bra top pressed to her chest. She sat up, looked at me and said, "Oh what the hell." At that she tossed the bra top beside her chair. "It doesn't surprise me you like breasts so much. You resisted switching over from breast feeding for a long time. Did you know breast feeding can be very arousing for mothers?"

"Mom! I don't need to hear that shit!"

"I'm sorry Frankie, I'm just trying to make you feel all right about things."

"I feel fine mom."

"So I see!"

"Mom! Come on!"

"All right! All right! Let me ask you something Frankie, did I really do that to you?"

"Jesus Christ mom! You just promised!"

"I'm serious Frankie. I haven't really noticed men since I've been with you father so it's not something I'm used to. I know I know this isn't a conversation mothers are ever supposed to have with their sons but if you'll excuse the pun, you did bring it up."

"No shit mom, what the fuck!" I took a deep breath hoping she'd let me off the hook but she didn't. "Well of course you did mom. I mean it's not like anyone else is here right?"

"Well, you could have been thinking about someone else."

I remember thinking why hadn't I thought of that before then but I was stuck. "I suppose but well, I mean yeah." For the first time I looked at her like a woman and not my mom. "I mean shit mom, you've got a killer figure."

Mom pushed out her chest a little and said, "You think so?" Then she stood up profile to me, slapped her ass and ask, "but I've got a guinny ass don't I?"

"Shit mom don't say that and no you don't."

Mom smiled. She was almost preening as she arched her back which pushed her full breasts firmly outward. "Nice fucking tits mom!" I said and laughed.

"Nice enough to be a stripper?"

Now she was being a wise ass. "Sure mom, why not?"

"I'm too old for one thing. No one wants to look at an old broad like me."

"I'd look at you."

"You would?"

"Haven't I been?"

"I guess you have." With that she took the three short steps to me, hung her breasts over my face and helped them sway back and forth and said, "And you'd pay for a lap dance?"

"I'd pay for a dozen!"

Mom almost had a purr in her voice as she allowed her nipples to brush my face and said, "Oh thank you so much honey."

But instead of both of us laughing over this scene there was this dead silence. Then, as if they had a mind of their own, my hands reached out and squeezed her breasts, only briefly, but firmly. I really wanted to touch them but I quickly braced myself for mom's words. When they didn't come I reached out a second time and squeezed her breasts only this time I didn't let go.



"This is probably wrong isn't it?"


"So you probably want me to stop right?"

"Yes." It was an extremely weak response.

I didn't let go of her breasts and she didn't pull away. My eyes went to hers and after they met for a moment she stood up and took my hand. She led me to her bedroom. Not a word passed between us the whole way and when we got there she got down on her knees a pulled down my bathing suit revealing my hard cock.

"Oh my," were the only words she said as it came into view. She placed her forefinger on the tip of my cock and withdrew a drop of my precum and then put her finger in her mouth. Then she stood up and pushed her bikini bottoms from her body. For the first time since I could remember I saw her totally naked and for the first time ever I saw her as a sexual woman. The type of arousal that came with that was like none I'd ever felt before. My girlfriend at that time was incredibly hot and she had made me feel like I'd never felt before when we had sex the first time but this feeling was so very different from that. This feeling was of high eroticism mixed together with the ultimate taboo. My mind screamed at me about how wrong even what little we had done was but my body, my lusts were in control.

I tried to take the lead but my mother in essence told me to relax as she pushed me back on the bed. She approached me like a new lover. I could smell her scent and feel the heat from her body as she ran her fingernails from chest down my body to my inner thighs without ever touching my cock and yet causing to strain and desperately push out for her touch. Next she lowered herself just enough so she could drag her heavy breasts down over my face, across my chest and stomach and finally down over my balls. She moved all the way down so her face was just above my cock and then she opened her mouth and as she moved back up my body she first ran her tongue lightly over the length of my cock. I was so aroused I almost literally came at that moment. As mom pushed her breasts back up over my body this time she fixed her eyes on mine. As she lowered her face towards mine I thought she was going to kiss me but she didn't. Her lips did pass closely to mine but she moved her mouth to my neck where she planted one very wet kiss after another. At the same time I could also feel hot dampness of her pussy just above me cock. Then she lowered it slightly so I could feel the light down of her pussy hair brushing over my cock.

Then I very excitedly said, "Mom, I'm gonna cum, I'm gonna cum."

She whispered in my ear, "It's okay." She'd no sooner let those words pass her lips when I felt myself gush spurting up over her pussy. As the first spurt hit her she said, "that's it, come on pussy." I'd never heard my mother say any words remotely like that and my cock responded with a second and a third extremely strong pulse of cum.

When I had spent myself she moved back down my body caressing it with her breasts as she did and saying, "that's my boy, that's my boy." The she lovingly grasped my cock, looked at it for a second and then sucked its semi hardness into her mouth. Only a 20 year old can get hard all over again in an instant and I did. Mom was very gently squeezing my balls with one hand as she slowly sucked on my cock. Once I was hard to her liking she got up and placed her knees on either side of my hips. She then reached between her legs and grabbed my cock and then guided it into her waiting pussy. As she slowly lowered herself onto me I felt the hot wet walls of her pussy surrounding me. Again I could only think of how wrong what we were doing was and I felt helpless to stop it not that I wanted to. But also as she lowered herself onto me I saw her close her eyes and sort of purse her lips as she lowered herself as if she were having difficulty in doing what she was doing. She took in a slow deep breath as she lowered herself and then let it out quickly as the base of my cock pushed into her pussy and we literally bumped into each other. But instead of pumping herself up and down on my cock as I'd expected she moved her pussy so that she dragged her body along mine, her ass rode along my thighs never leaving them.

As she rode my cock mom moaned, first softly but with each stroke she seemed to moan just a bit louder. But as her motion got faster she fell forward so her hands were against my chest as she continued to fuck me. Once again her breasts swung enticingly near my face and more than once I tried to capture one and suck on it but was not successful.

She had been talking to me but I was too lost in my own thoughts to hear her until she said, "Oh Frankie, fuck your mother like she's your whore! Fuck me Frankie, fuck me baby!" She surrounded those words with a lot of moaning and a lot of pressing her pussy had into my crotch as she fucked me faster and faster.

I was already to come when mom nearly shouted, "Oh baby, your mother's gonna come! I'm gonna come! Oh honey!" I could feel her pussy grasping more firmly at my cock as she seemed to convulse on top of me. And I came really hard into her, harder I thought than I had come my first time. Was that possible? I don't know and I didn't care at the moment. I had been fucked to perfection and I didn't care that it was my mother who had done it.

We lay perfectly still in each other's arms for a long time and didn't say a word. It was each of us gathering our thoughts and figuring what to say but what could you say!



"What does this mean?"

"What does what mean honey?"

"I mean what does this make us?"

"Well, if you listen to society it makes us both pretty fucked up. We are a couple of really sick people."

"But I don't feel really sick."

"No do I but it doesn't feel right either, does it?"

I thought we'd have this big long conversation at that point but we didn't. It was like we had this understanding between us already, that we already understood what had gone between us and what we were going to do. What we didn't decide was that we'd never do it again. I think we both realized that short of it coming to light it was likely we'd continue in the future. But the rest of that evening and the entire night we stayed in bed with each other. We tried kissing a couple of time but it didn't work for us. Still, I looked at my mother in an entirely new light. I didn't just love her because she's mom but I loved her because of our intimacy and a whole new sort of trust we'd established.

We used a lot of discretion in our actions. We were lovers at home always but once we stepped out the front door our personas changed to fit the situation. Surprisingly, to me at least, was mom's insistence that I continue to see my girlfriend Daisy. There was a danger in that more than most other situations. The only other one comparable was with my two sisters, Maria and Elena both of who were older than me and both of whom were married so we figured there was a very minimal risk involved where they were concerned.

This story started when I was 20 and I'm closing in on 40 now and it hasn't ended yet. What's happened since? Everything, not all good.
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